Friday, January 23, 2015

My Fav's III


1. Glaxo Babies ~ Seven Days (1980) {Nine Months To The Disco}
2. Gong ~ I Never Glid Before (1973) {Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 2)}
3. Grobschnitt ~ Merry-Go-Round (1979) {Merry-Go-Round}
4. Guru Guru ~ From Another World (1975) {Mani und seine Freunde}
5. Hampton Grease Band ~ Halifax (1971) {Music to Eat}
6. Han Bennink ~ Solo Part 1 (????) {Unknown}
7. Harvester (Träd, Gräs och Stenar) ~ All Along The Watchtower (1969) {Träd, Gräs och Stenar}
8. Henry Cow ~ Industry (1978) {Western Culture}
9. Horrific Child ~Angoisse (1976) {L'Etrange Mr Whinster}
10. Il Balletto di Bronzo ~ Introduzione (1972) {Ys}
11. Jan Dukes de Grey ~ Mice and Rats in the Loft (1971) {Mice and Rats in the Loft}
12. John Greaves / Peter Blegvad / Lisa Herman ~ Twenty-Two Proverbs (1977) {Kew. Rhone.}

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Friday, January 16, 2015

My fav's II

I'm continuing my A-Z of personal favorites from the list tonight. Going from B-F I have everything from Frank Z to Chrome to Faust. Pretty much all types of rock (see last week's discription) as that's my privvy, though jazz is up there as well for me, just not on The List for these letters.... WHAT A GREAT SET-LIST! You'd think they picked all these songs with me in mind.....

1. Family Fodder ~ Wrong (1980) {Monkey Banana Kitchen}
2.  Captain Beefheart ~ Bat Chain Puller (1976/2012) {Bat Chain Puller}
3. Frank Zappa ~ Ya Hozma (1984) {Them or Us}
4. Chrome ~ Meet You in the Subway (1979 ) {Subterranean Modern}
5. Faust ~ J'ai Mal Aux Dents (1972/1998) {71 Minutes}
6. Cromagnon ~ Caledonia (1969) {Orgasm}
7. Brainticket ~ Black Sand (1971) {Cottonwoodhill}
8. Foodbrain ~ That Will Do (1970) {Social Gathering}
9. Crass ~ Systematic Death (1981) {Penis Envy}
10. Dedalus ~ Santiago (1973) {Dedalus}
11. Deep Freeze Mice ~ Phylis is a Protozoa No. 2 (1986) {Rain is When the Earth is Television}
12. Flying Lizards ~ Money (1979) {Flying Lizards}
13. Cabaret Voltaire ~ Lost Possibilities of Modern Dreams (2001) {Conform to Deform}
14. Come ~ Shaved Slits 2 (1980) {Rampton}
15. Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes ~ Ame Debout (1972}) {Ame Debout}
16. Dome ~ Madmen (1980) {Dome}
17. Can ~ Future Days (1973) {Future Days}

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Almost caught up editing...

I've decided to go through the list A-Z again, but this time focusing on the acts that are my favorites. There are a lot of "A" artists, so tonight's show is all A's. I'm also choosing from my favorite songs by them as well, so the next several weeks will be mostly accessible and all kinds of rock including Kraut (of course) Prog, Avantgarde, Space, Art, Psychedelic, Folk, Zeuhl ...and with lots of uptempo tunes. And tonight is, I must say a really awesome set-list.

BTW, I've got most of my podcasts that I'm behind in sharing edited, so I should, thus have most of what I'm behind per the podcast posted this weekend.

1. Ame Son ~ Hein, Quant A Toi/Comme Est Morte l'Evocation/Hommage (1970) {Catalyse}
2. Aksak Maboul ~ Vapona, Not Glue (1977) {Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine}
3. A.R. & Machines ~ Vita: b) The Man in Kidleather (1973) {A.R. IV}
4. Area ~ Brujo (1974) {Caution Radiation Area}
5. Ash Ra Tempel ~ Laughter Loving (1973) {Starring Rosi}
6. Älgarnas Trädgård ~ Rings of Saturn (1972) {Framtiden Är Ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrat I Forntiden}
7. Amon Düül II ~ Eye-Shaking King (1970) {Yeti}
8. Archaia ~ Robots Dans le Formol (1977) {Archaia}
9. Archimedes Badkar ~ Badidoom (1977) {Tre}
10. Alcatraz ~ Simple Headphone Mind (1971) {Vampire State Building}
11. Annexus Quam ~ Osmose III (1970) {Osmose}
12. Agitation Free ~ Khan el Khalili (1972) {Malesch}
13. Arbete Och Fritid ~ Kalvdans (1979) {Håll Andan}
14. Anima Sound ~  Feel Like A Bone · Rückkopplung · Good Vibration · Happiness Gone (1971) {Sturmischer Himmel}

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Back to "Normal"...

I've been having some RL issues over the past few weeks that have lengthened the amount of posts I'm behind on my blog here and I apologize to the 2 3/5 people that follow it. I lost my job and almost face losing my apartment, though another job has become pretty imminent, so at this point all is returning to "normal" and I expect to be able to catch this up soon. I'm not making any promises per when though; I'm just having a bug crawls up my arse soon and I get it over with. I DO have most of the shows edited though and ready to upload onto my BOX account, so it's just the posting work I need to attend to... Oh, and last week's show never happened (save about 20 minutes of the 1st hour long piece) due to a scheduling error at the station, another DJ came in and had a guest artist from L.A. to interview and have perform, so I bowed out. As things ARE getting less stressful for me now, I'm returning to shorter pieces (longer set lists), as one of the main reasons I've been focusing on longer songs is to not have to spend an hour each Friday typing this out as I've been depressed... CRY FOR ME, MOTHERFUCKERS.....CRYYYY!!

1. Second Hand ~ Hangin' on an Eyelid (1971) {Death May Be Your Santa Claus}
2. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band ~ Somebody In My Home (live) (1966) {Grow Fins}
3. Poison Girls ~ Alienation (1980) {Chappaquiddick Bridge}
4. Primus (Residents cover) ~ Hello Skinny (1986) {Eyesore}
5. Etron Fou Leloublan ~ Sous Les Draps (1985) {Face aux Elements Dechaines}
6. Deep Freeze Mice ~ Irresistible Moral Force (1985) {Hang On Constance Let Me Hear the News}
7. Claudio Rocchi & Paolo Tofani ~ Jaya Shrila Gurudeva Bhagavan (1980) {Un Gusto Superiore}
8. Il Balletto di Bronzo ~ Ma Ti Aspetter (1972) {Sirio 2222}
9. Crass ~ Nagasaki Nightmare (1980/1986 release) {Best Before 1984}
10. Eroc ~ Andromeda (1975) {Eroc Eins}
11. Tangerine Dream ~ Ashes to Ashes (1970) {Electronic Meditation}
12. Brainticket ~ Underworld Paths (1982) {Voyage}
13. Residents ~ The New Machine (live) (1983) {The  Mole Show}
14. Cluster ~ ZumWohl (1976) {Sowiesoso}
15. Grobschnitt ~ Raintime (1980) {Illegal}
16. Franco Batiatto ~ La canzone dei vecchi amanti (La chanson des vieux amants)  (1999) {Fleurs (Esempi Affini Di Scritture E Simili)}
17. Jac Berrocal ~ Afternoon (1993) {Fatal Encounters}
18. Wolfgang Dauner ~ Mudations (1970) {Output}
19. Steve Reich ~ Movement I (1985) {New York Counterpoint}
20. Philippe Maté & Daniel Vallancien ~ Cambodge 70 (1972) {Maté/Vallancien}
21. L'infonie ~ Section 31-32 (1972) {vol. 333}
22. The Mothers of Invention ~  The Mothers Play Louie Louie At The Royal Albert Hall In London (1968) {Uncle Meat}
23. Demetrio Stratos ~ O Tzitziras o Mitziras (1978) {Cantara La Voce}