Sunday, April 29, 2012

No show this week 2...

More last minute unexpected work stuff. I manage an overnight shift of 5, we're training a new guy, my "2nd" was on the last day of her vacation and it was her day on, so I had to last minute sub in. I PROMISE this won't happopen againz... My 3 or 4 devoted stumblers...

Monday, April 23, 2012

No show this week...

So, my new job is kicking my butt. You may have noticed I still have to post the links to last week's show. This week I was called in to work at the last minute on my day off because my assistant called in sick and being the supervisor, I had to fill in, so the show did not happen. (4::20 show, missed!!) Alas, but we will continue on next week...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #13

Finishing the G's and beginning the H's, I begin my new time slot. I used to have last night at this time and now I'm at tonight at this time... (Saturday). New job... new hope... new future... *wipes tear* ......Really cool tunes this week; more-so than usual. We begin with 4 Krauts, include Zappa-clique obscurantism, the best drummer alive until recently, concrete, art rock and back to Kraut. You're gonna have phun tuna-ite, kidsez.

1. Grobschnitt ~ Solar Music Lünen '77 (2003) {The History of Solar Music 4}
2. Group 1850 ~ Purple Sky (1969) {Paradise Now}
3. Guru Guru ~ Der Elektrolurch (1973) {Guru Guru}
4. Hairy Chapter ~ Can't Get Through (1971) {Can't Get Through}
5. Hampton Grease Band ~ Halifax (1971) {Music to Eat}
6. Han Bennink ~ Solo Part 1 (?) {YouTube Video}
7. Henri Chopin ~ Le Corps Est Une Usine À Sons (2007) {Body Is A Sound Factory}
8. Henry Cow ~ Ruins (1974) {Unrest}
9. Heratius ~ Intro A Blackcook (1978) {Gwendolyne}

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Friday, April 6, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #12

We begin with the G's this week. In the forecast this week; a group of many, many saxophonists that play pieces written specifically to be performed in unique, pre-existent public space, sax-ists strewn everywhere with the tones designed to reverberate within that specific architectural environment, about 1/3 scattered Kraut,  a little psychedelic rock... And FYI, I may be switching time slots soon as I have a new job and am not sure what the days will be.

1. Gash ~ A Young Man's Gash Pt III (1972) {A Young Man's Gash}
2. Ghédalia Tazartès ~ Un Amour si Grand qu'il Nie son Objet (1979) {Diasporas}
3. Gila ~ Night 9 (1972) {Nightworks}
4. Gilbert Artman (Urban Sax) ~ Part IV (1978) {2}
5. Glaxo Babies ~ Nine Months To The Disco (1980) {Nine Months To The Disco}
6. Gomorrha ~ Trauma (German Version) (1970) {Trauma}
7. Gong ~ What Do You Want (1972) {Continental Circus}
8. Good Missionaries ~ The Good Missionary - Part 1 (1980) {Vibing Up The Senile World...... (7", EP, Ltd, Mono)}
9. Grand Magic Circus ~ Side A (1974) {Le Grand Mechant Cochon Et Les Trois Gentils Loups}

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