Friday, October 24, 2014

No special theme...

Last week I promised on the show that this week I'd cram as many acts into a single two hour program that I could. Which ended up being more time consuming a prospect than I had bargained for as there are literally hundreds of songs from artists off the list in my collection that are under a single minute. Compiling and blogging that set list would have taken more time than I had set aside this week to do so. In turn, I just threw together another "random" (per WinAmp and my editing) list that begins up eat and slows down to degenerate nonsense... NEXT week though is Halloween and as many of the acts have songs WELL in excess of 30 minutes (some an entire hour) I plan to mix multiple lengthy ambient, concrete and vocal tracks together... maybe throwing in some irdials and creepy turn-of-the 20th century stuff to create a spooky soundscape... for AT LEAST three hours if not more.

1. Basil Kirchin ~ Lunch Hour Pops (1974) {Abstractions Of The Industrial North}
2. Glaxo babies ~ Maximum Sexual Joy (1980) {Nine Months To The Disco}
3. Can ~ November (1978) {Out of Reach}
4. A.R. & Machines ~ As If I Have Seen All This Before (1971) {Die Grüne Reise}
5. Uli Trepte ~ Cyclologie (1996) {Real Time Music}
6. Decayes ~ Coffee (1980) {Not Yet!}
7. Residents ~ Walter Westinghouse (1977) {Fingerprince}
8. Moolah ~ The Hard Hit (1974) {Woe Ye Demons Possessed}
9. Second Hand ~ Mainliner (1968) {Reality}
10. Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band ~ I'm Glad (1966 Demo) {Grow Fins}
11. Robert Wyatt ~ Alifib (1987) {The Peel Sessions}
12. Exmagma ~ Tonjes Dream Interruption (1973) {Exmagma}
13. B. C. Gilbert & G. Lewis ~ Hung Up To Dry Whilst Building An Arch (1988) {8 Time}
14. This Heat ~ Hi Baku Shyo (1981) {Deceit}
15. Raymond Boni ~ Thème Imaginaire (1976) {Rêve en Couleurs}
16. Alvin Lucier ~ Bar Lazy J (2005) {Wind Shadows}
17. Jean Guerin ~ BM 37 ( 1971) {Tacet}
18. Franco Battiato ~ Le Stimmate (2011) {Telesio (Opera in due atti più un epilogo)}
19. Tamia ~ Gun Powder (1978) {Senza Tempo}
20. Whitehouse ~ Dyad (2007) {Racket}

Friday, October 17, 2014



1. Igor Wakhevitch ~ Materia Prima (1971) {Docteur Faust}
2. Anal Magic & Reverend Dwight Frizzell ~ Fly By Night (1976) {Beyond the Black Crack}
3. Heratius ~ Intro a Black Cook (1978) {Gwendolyne}
4. Anthony Moore ~ A, B, C, D, Gol'fish (1971) {Pieces From The Cloudland Ballroom}
5. Opus Avantra ~ R.E.M. (1989) {Strata}
6. Luc Ferrari ~ Music Promenade B (1995) {Presque Rien}
7. Grand Magic Circus ~ Le Gateau au Chocolat (1974) {Le Grand Mechant Cochon Et Les Trois Gentils Loups}
8. Ron Geesin ~ We're All Going to Liverpool (1967) {A Raise of Eyebrows - As He Stands}
9. Hugh Hopper / Alan Gowen ~ Morning Order ~ (1980) {Two Rainbows Daily}
10. Jac Berrocal ~ Police in My Bed (1993) {Fatal Encounters}
11. Gunter Schickert ~ Kriegsmaschinen, Fahrt Zur Holle (1974) {Samtvogel}
12. Steve Beresford ~ The Bath Of Surprise (1980) {The Bath Of Surprise}
13. Mahogany Brain ~ Green Winter of Revolvers (1977) {Smooth Sick Lights}
14. Michel Waisvisz ~4 Narrow Escapes (1978) {Crackle}

Friday, October 10, 2014

Trying to AVOID Jass...

Going over the last month's+ shows I've noticed that I've been playing a LOT of Jassy stuff. Fusion, avant garde, straight... It's kind of hard to avoid as a genre in the list a ,many acts delve into it. So tonight I tried to avoid it altogether. I let a couple slip in, but most of the pieces I picked can be called, "accessible but still weird". Mostly upbeat and fun stuff and I let WinAmp choose a "random" mix this time instead of arranging the songs from accessible/uptempo to inaccessible and drudging. All of the file from the last 6 shows are now ready to edit which I plan to do tonight after this, the 7th episode I am behind in uploading. Looking forward to being caught up!

1. Faust ~ It's a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl (1972) {Faust So Far}
2. Magma ~ Da Zeuhl wortz Mekanik (1973) {Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh}
3. Martin Saint-Pierre ~ Ancestrales 1 (1978) {Solo Création Le Chant Du Monde}
4. Hampton Grease Band ~ Hey Old Lady and Bert's Song (1971) {Music to Eat}
5. Aksak Maboul ~ Vapona, Not Glue (1977) {Migraine}
6. Ghedalia Tazartes ~ Transposrts 10 (1977) {Transports}
7. Deep Freeze Mice ~ Red Light for the Greens (1982) {The Gates of Lunch}
8. Steve Beresford ~ Mr. & Mrs. Woo (1980) {The Bath of Surprise}
9. Lard Free ~ Cochonailles (1972) {Lard Free}
10. Pere Ubu ~ Horns are a Dilemma (1982) {Song Of The Bailing Man}
11. Alvaro Peña-Rojas ~ Drinking My Own Sperm (1977) {Drinking My Own Sperm}
12. King Crimson ~ Red (1974) {Red}
13. Moving Gelatine Plates ~ Astromonster (1972) {The World Of Genius Hans}
14. This Heat ~ S.P.Q.R. (1981) {Deceit}
15. Philippe Doray Asociaux Associés ~ Pas De Service Apres Vente (1980) {Nouveaux Modes Industriels}
16. Family Fodder ~ Monkey (1980) {Monkey Banana Kitchen}
17. Albert Marcœur ~ Qu'est-ce que tu as? (1974) {Albert Marcœur}
18. Min Bul ~ Nøtteliten (1970) {Min Bul}

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Feelin' JASS-y tonight!'s called, "The IRREGULAR Show"....ok? Alright though, now that summer is over and fall term has begun at the University of Oregon from which I transmit this crap, I will be on pretty much every week for the next 7 or 8 months... and in the winter over the December break I will likely have my semi-yearly "6 hours of fucked up Xmas music" marathon, so mark your calendars for the 25th of December from midnight to 6AM. ANYhow, as the title of this post implies, I am going Jazzy tonight with the NWW list fare. Mostly pretty upbeat and "dancey" so if you FEEL like it, grab some stranger off the alley in back your placez and grease up your kitchen floor so's you two can scoots around in comfy shoes to the big, boppy bass beats jammin' in yer ears. (and of course I veer off at the end)

1. Napoli Centrale ~ Sotto e 'n Coppa (1976) {Mattanza}
2. Majun ~ L'un Dans L'autre (1988) {Happy French Band}
3. Min Bul ~ Strange Beauty (1970) {Min Bul}
4. Ame Son ~ Comme Est Morte L'evocation (1970) {Primitive Expression}
5. Glaxo Babies ~ Seven Days (1980) {Put Me one the Guest List}
6. Island ~ Zero (1977) {Pictures}
7. Hero ~ Children's Game (1974) {Hero}
8. Fille Qui Mousse ~ Cantante Desperate (1971) {Trixie Stapleton}
9. Dedalus ~ Santiago (1973) {Dedalus}
10. Älgarnas Trädgård ~ Rings of Saturn (1972) {Framtiden Är Ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrat I Forntiden}
11. Dharma Quintet ~ Tonton S.F.P. (1971) {End Starting}
12. Jean Guerin ~ Maochat (1971) {Tacet}
13. Lard Free ~ Unnamed (1977) {III}
14. Die Krupps ~ Stahlwerksinfonie B (1981) {Stahlwerksinfonie}
15. Moolah ~ The Hard Hit (1974) {Woe Ye Demons Possessed}
16. Nu Creative Methods ~ Zygomatic Ram Dam (1981) {Le Marchand De Calicot }

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Familiar to savvy North Americans...

You know, the thing about procrastinating a weekly task is that after 4 or 5 weeks it becomes a chore of cumulative tasks... Anyhow, it turns out the 25 artists I selected that I deem a truly musically aware North American should be... well, aware of lend themselves (with long and some sudden intros and outros and longer than 5 minute tracks) to more complicated mixing than I normally endeavour. 10, 20, 30... up to 60 seconds of crossfade this week at times. A very electronic at first, then rocky then quiet/odd and sombre at the end set. Nice to drift to sleep to. OH YA! AND I MADE IT 3 HOURS instead of TWO!! Have fun and I will also try and keep the discourse to 1X an hour.

1. Negativland ~ I am God (1993) {Almost Free}
2. Neu! ~ Negativland (1912) (Neu!)
3. Tangerine Dream ~Rim of Schiaparelli (2005) {Rocking Mars}
4. Cabaret Voltaire ~ Lost Possibilities of Modern Dreams (2001) {Conform to Deform}
5. Residents ~ The New Machine (1981) {Mark of the Mole}
6. Flying Lizards ~ Move on Up (1981) {Fourth Wall}
7. Chrome ~ Armageddon (1982) {Third from the Sun}
8. Plastic Ono Band ~ Between My Head And The Sky (2009) {Between My Head And The Sky}
9. Public Image Limited ~ Bad Baby (1980) {Paris Au Printemps}
10. Gong ~ What do You Want (1972) {Continental Circus}
11. Sonny and Linda Sharrock ~ Miss Doris (1975) {Paradise}
12. Soft Machine ~ Drop (1990) {The Peel Sessions}
13. Fred Frith ~ Hand of the Juggler (19910) {Gravity}
14. Nico ~ Heroes (2003) {Femme Fatale: The Aura Anthology}
15. Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band ~ 25th Century Quaker (1971) {Mirror Man}
16. King Crimson ~21st Century Schizoid Man Including Mirrors (1969) {In The Court Of The Crimson King}
17. Frank Zappa ~ No Not Now (1982) {Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch}
18. Stooges ~ Fun House (1970) {Fun House}
19. Velvet Underground ~ The Gift (1968) {White Light/White Heat}
20. Crass ~ Nagasaki Nightmare 1980 (1984) {Best Before 84}
21. Pere Ubu ~ A Day Such as This (1982) {Song Of The Bailing Man}
22. Yoko Ono ~ Don't Count the Waves (1971) {Fly}
23. Robert Wyatt ~ Little Red Riding Hood (1974) {Rock Bottom}
24. Steve Reich (w/ Pat Metheny & Kronos Quartet) ~ Fast (1989) {Different Trains / Electric Counterpoint}
25. John Cage ~ Suite For Toy Piano (1948) (1994) {In a Landscape}

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Friday, September 5, 2014

OK, I suck...

So, I missed another show and as of 2AM I'll be 4 podcast postings behind. I'm involved in a local theater troupe (Trek Theatre) that does live performances of TNG episodes and this time around I'm concurrently Production Manager, Stage Manager, Sound Tech and making props and set pieces. Also been dealing with a twat I work with at my new job and it's been a record setting hot Summer here in Eugene and I hate Summer and heat... So, I've just not been in the mood to spend any more spare time on 'worky obligations'... The play is now in performance so I have four less days of "must attends" so after tonight's show, before the weekend is out (maybe) I'll have everything caught up... Or not.


1. Hydravion (Philippe Besombes) ~ Pasadena Airport (1979) {Stratos Airlines}
2. Residents ~ Smelly Tongues (1974) {Meet the Residents}
3. Supersister ~ Babylon (1973) {Isklander}
4. Area ~ Cometa Rossa (1974) {Caution Radiation Area}
5. Eroc ~ ABout My Town (1979) {Erob 3}
6. Plastic Ono Band ~ Hashire, Hashire (2009) {Between My Head and the Sky}
7. Bernard Lubat (& His Mad Ducks) ~ Au Bon Livre (Ode to Malcolm Lowry)
8. Frank Zappa ~ Pinocchio's Furniture (1981) {Shut Up and Play Your Guitar}
9. Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band ~ Golden Birdies (1972) {Clear Spot}
10. Kraftwerk ~ D-221295 (Unknown) {Unknown Show LIVE Album}
11. Uli Trepte ~ Ear Mike Song (1974) {Guru Guru + Uli Trepte - Live & Unreleased}
12. Stooges ~ I Wanna be Your Dog (1969) {The Stooges}
13. Can ~ Spoon (1972) {Ege Bamyasi}
14. World Peace Band (Yahowa 13) ~ Starry Ride (197?/1998) {God and Hair Collection CD 12 (Related Singles)}
15. Cromagnon ~ Caledonia (1969) {Orgasm}
16. Ghédalia Tazartès ~ Rien qu'au Soleil (1979) {Diasporas}
17. Der Plan ~ Das Fleisch (1979)) {Das Fleisch}
18. B.C. Gilbert and G. Lewis (Cupol) ~ Like This For Ages (1988) {8 Time}
19. Boyd Rice and Fiends ~ Watery Leviathan (2002) {Wolf Pact}
20. Tolerance ~ Tiez Rekcuz (1981) {Divin}
21. Min Bul ~ Invocation (1970) {Min Bul}
22. Igor Wakhevitch ~ Initiation Initiation (1ère Partie) (1970) {Logos}
23. Biglietto Per L'Inferno ~ L'Amico Suicida (2009) {Tra L'Assurdo E La Ragione}
24. Steve Reich ~ Music for 18 Musicians - Section XI (1978) {Music for 18 Musicians}

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Women II

Holy CRAP I'm behind! I  missed a show two weeks ago and the last two times I was in the studio, I forgot to bring my thumb drive so I could take the show home to post on my podcast... I PROMISE that I'll bring the last 3 home tonight and post them by Sunday night. I am involved in a production of a Star Trek TNG episode adaptation (DejaQ) with a local sci-fi theater company and need to make final edits all the sound effects by tomorrow so I won';t have time to post the shows before then... Probably tomorrow night but DEFINITELY by Sunday... So as the title of this post reads, this is the SECOND all WOMEN show I'm doing from the list and it's pretty comprehensive, though I might have missed one or two groups with female vocalists on a song here and there, though I have included such as Lemon Kittens with a Danielle Dax vocal and The Inner Space, the proto-Can group Jaki Liebezeit was in that has a couple tunes with Rosey Rosey (or Rosemarie Heinikel as she was born). Get set to hear two hours worth of GORGEOUS female throat oscillations!!

1. The Flying Lizards ~ Money (Rare original extended album mix) (1979) {The Flying Lizards}
2. Nico ~ Sixty Forty [Outtake] (2003) {Femme Fatale: The Aura Anthology Disc 1}
3. Slapp Happy & Henry Cow ~ Bad Alchemy (1974) {Desperate Straights}
4. Family Fodder ~ No Man's Land (1979) {Sunday Girls (A Tribute To Blondie By Family Fodder And Friends)}
5. Mother Gong ~ We Women (1989) {Wild Child}
6. Lemon Kittens ~ Evidence (1980) {We Buy a Hammer for Daddy}
7. Residents ~ Burn Baby Burn (1998) {Wormwood}
8. Crass ~ Poison in a Pretty Pill (1981) {Penis Envy}
9. Poison Girls ~ Pretty Polly (1980) {Chappaquiddick Bridge}
10. Snatch ~ Shopping for Clothes (1983) {Snatch}
11. Brainticket ~ Brainticket Part One (1971) {Cottonwood Hill}
12. Alternative TV ~ Alternative TG (1998) {Punk Life}
13. Deep Freeze Mice ~ Zoology (1984) {I Love You Little BoBo With Your Delicate Golden Lions}
14. Mama Béa Tekielski ~ Les Autres (1979) {Le Chaos}
15. The Inner Space ~ Kamera Song (1969) {Single}
16. Magical Power Mako ~ Pink Bitch (Lalala) (1975) {Super Record}
17. Colette Magny ~  Prends Moi, Me Prends Pas (1971) {Feu et Rythme}
18. Linda Sharrock (accompanying Joe Bonner) ~ Celebration (1976) {Angel Eyes}
19. Yoko Ono ~ Toilet Piece (1971) {Fly}
20. Sally Smmit (& her musicians) ~ Part 1 (1980) {Hangahar}
21. LaDonna Smith and Davey WIlliams ~ The Voice And The Engine Of Survival (1993) {Transmutating}

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