Saturday, December 29, 2012

French Weirdness #3

Well, it looks like we've got two more installments in the "French Weirdness" series... or at least 1.5... I put together the rest of the artists that I haven't touched upon from the list and it definitely beckons more than a single show, though not an entire second show, so I'll have to come up with something for the last 40 minutes or so of the final French installment to fill with... Oh, and as of next week, I'll be switching to a time slot two hours earlier... that's 10PM Pacific to midnight.

1. Colette Magny ~ Ras La Trompe: Le Pachyderme, Blues Ras La Trompe, Radio Cornac, Les Militants, Finale (1975) {Transit}
2. Mahjun ~ Les Enfants Sauvages (1973) {Mahjun}
3. Mahogany Brain ~ Wrong Reincarnation (1971) {With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger)}
4. Albert Marcœur ~ Qu'Est Ce Que Tu As? (1974) {Albert Marcœur}
5. Philippe Maté / Daniel Vallancien ~ Sanza Salée (1972) {Maté/Vallancien}
6. Moving Gelatine Plates ~ Moving Theme (1972) {The World Of Genius Hans}
7. Thierry Muller (Ilitch) ~ Innerfilmsequences 8 (A Travers Les Fields) (1978/2000) {Periodikmindtrouble}
8. Costin Miereanu ~ Come nebbia al vento (1975) {Luna Cinese}
9. 'Pataphonie ~ Rue Alice (live) (1978) {Le Matin Blanc}
10. Jean-Frannois Pauvros & Gaby Bizien ~ No Man's land (1976) {No Man's land}
11. Michel Portal ~ Walking Through the Land (1969) {Our Meanings and Our Feelings}
12. Red Noise ~ Galactic Sewer Song (1970) {Sarcelles-Locheres}
13. Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes ~ Alpes 2 (1972) {Ame Debout}

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Saturday, December 22, 2012


Women.... AHHHhhh...... wommmen. WHO doesn't love 'em?! So I've decided to give the French Weirdness series a break for a week (only one more left anyway) to explore the WOMEN on the list. And I'm devoting 3 hours to it as well! SO many wonderful voices (exceptyokoono), I didn't even know where to begin! So sit back, relax and enjoy a special 3 hour installment of the show featuring the gobs and gullets of all (or most) of the girls on the list!

1. The Flying Lizards ~ Move on Up (1981) {The Fourth Wall}
2. Magma ~ Ima Suri Dondai (1973) {Mekanik Destruktiv Kommandoh}
3. Sally Smmit and her Musicians ~ Hangahar Part 2 (1980) {Hangahar OST}
4. Nico ~ Heroes (2003) {Femme Fatale}
5. Henry Cow ~ Beautiful as the Moon (1975) {In Praise of Learning}
6. Sonny (Linda) Sharrock ~ Black Woman (1969) {Black Woman}
7. Alternative TV ~ Alternative TG (1998) {Punk Life}
8. Inner Space (Can) ~ I´m Hiding My Nightingale (1969) {I´m Hiding My Nightingale [single]}
9. Snatch ~ Stanley (1977) {Stanley [single])
10. Colette Magny ~ La Panade (1975) {Transit}
11. The Residents ~ Burn Baby Burn (1999) {Wormwood}
12. Family Fodder ~ Cerf Volant (1980) {Monkey Banana Kitchen}
13. Trans Musiq 7 ~ Giant Gator Play (1983) {White Earth Streak}
14. Poisongirls ~ Uberbitch (1980) {Chappaquiddick Bridge}
15. Crass ~ 10 Notes On A Summer's Day (1986) {10 Notes On A Summer's Day}
16. Deep Freeze Mice ~ Careful With That Axe (1986) {Rain is When the Earth is Television}
17. Brainticket ~ Brainticket part 2 (1971) {Cottonwoodhill}
18. Mama Béa Tekielski ~ Visages (1977) {La Folle}
19. Yoko Ono ~ Song for John (1973) {Approximately Infinite Universe}
20. Mother Gong ~ Balein (1989) {Wild Child}
21. Catherine Ribeiro and Alpes ~ Le Silence de la Mort) {Le Temps De L'autre}
22. Lemon Kittens ~ Small Mercies (1980) {We Buy A Hammer For Daddy}

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

French Weirdness #2


1. Fille Qui Mousse ~ L'eau Etait Vitale (1972) {Trixie Stapleton 291}
2. Jef Gilson ~ Salagy Jef (1973) {Malagasy At Newport-Paris)
3. Gong ~ Blues for Findlay (1972) {Continental Circus}
4. Grand Magic Circus ~ Le Gateau au Chocolat (1974) {Le Grand Mechant Cochon Et Les Trois Gentils Loups}
5. Pierre Henry ~ Machine Danse (1973) {Machine Danse}
6. Komintern ~ Le Bal Du Rat Mort-Petite Musique Pour Un Blockhaus (1971) {Le Bal Du Rat Mort}
7. Lard Free ~ Acide Framboise (1973) {Lard Free}
8. Magma ~ The Last Seven Minutes (1977) {Attahk}
9. Bernard Lubat ~ Au Bon Livre (Ode to Malcolm Lowry) (1974) {Bernard Lubat And His Mad Ducks}
10. Luc Ferrari ~ Music Promenade A (1969) {Und So Weiter / Music Promenade}
11. Horrific Child ~ Angoisse (1976) {L'Étrange Mr Whinster}
12. Heratius ~ Tajmahalcoco + Gwendolyne Blues (1978) {Gwendolyne}
13. Jean Guérin ~ Reflexion 2 et 1 (1971) {Tacet}
14. Horde Catalytique Pour La Fin ~ Gestation Sonore 3 (1971) {Gestation Sonore}

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

French Weirdness #1

As I was putting together tonight's theme of odd tracks from the Blue, White and Red, I realized that there is about as many French artists on the list as German (50-ish) and many of them are too good to pass up..., so... I've decided to break the French up into multiple iterations... two or three... and this week reveals the 1st. A lot of diversity in the list tonight. Jazzy, proggy, concrete, a good amount of shouting in French (of course) and I've included several tunes with a sub-theme of acts involving Philippe Besombes...

1. Ame Son ~ Hein, Quant A Toi/Comme Est Morte l'Evocation/Hommage (1970) {Catalyse}
2. Archaia ~ Soliel Noir (1977) {Archaia}
3. Art Zoid ~ Mariée Á La Nuit (1990) {Art Zoyd/J. A. Deane/J. Greinke}
4. Jac Berrocal ~ Police in my Bed (1993) {Fatal Encounters}
5. Arcane V ~ Marron Dingue (1978) {Marron Dingue}
6. Besombes-Rizet ~ Lundi Matin (1975) {Pôle}
7. Pôle ~ In The Maelstrom (1975) {Inside The Dream}
8. Philippe Besombes ~ Geant (1979) {Cesi Est Cela}
9. Hydravion ~ Ligne Equateur (1979) {Stratos Airlines}
10. Birge, Gorge, Shiroc ~ Pourrait Etre Brutal (1975) {Defense De}
11. Raymond Boni ~ Thème Imaginaire (1976) {Rêve en Couleurs}
12. Theatre du Chene Noir ~  La Vieillesse et la Mort (1971) {Aurora}
13. Jean Cohen-Solal ~ Ab Hoc Et (1971) {Captain Tarthopom}
14. Dharma Quintet ~ Tonton S.F.P. (1971) {End Starting}
15. Philippe Doray ~ Dans Le Dedale (1980) {Nouveaux Modes Industriels}
16. Jean Dubuffet ~ L'eau (1961) {Expériences Musicales}
17. Etron Fou Leloublan ~ Christine (1985) {En Public Aux États Unis d'Amérique}

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Humorous and weird...

A good number of the names on the list have senses of humor... Frank Zappa, Ron 'Pate, Bruce Hampton to name a few. Others are funny because they're.... oh, well... odd. Flying Lizards, Residents and Deep Freeze Mice come to mind. Here's some of my favorite examples of tunes that are more entertainingly silly along these lines.

1. The Flying Lizards ~ Sex Machine (1984) {Top 10}
2. Family Fodder ~ Monkey (1980) {Monkey Banana Kitchen}
3. Philippe Doray ~ Que Dit Le Chef (1980) {Nouveaux Modes Industriels}
4. Deep Freeze Mice ~ Phylis is a Protozoa No. 2 (1986) {Rain is When the Earth is Television}
5. Negativland ~ I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Special Edit Radio Mix) (1991) {U2 (EP)}
6. Ron Geesin ~ We're All Going to Liverpool (1967) {A Raise of Eyebrows}
7. Fred Lane ~ Fun in the Fundus (1993) {From The One That Cut You + Car Radio Jerome}
8. Hampton Grease Band ~ Maria (1971) {Music to Eat}
9. Frank Zappa ~ Stick it Out (1979) {Joe's Garage}
10. King Crimson ~ Elephant Talk (1981) {Discipline}
11. Roberto Colombo ~ Metronomo 138 (1975) {Sfogatevi Bestie}
12. Velvet Underground ~ The Gift (1968) {White Light/White hHat}
13. Residents ~ Benny the Bouncing Bump (1990) {Freak Show}
14. Free Agents ~ Untitled (B1) (1980) {£3.33}
15. Lemon Kittens ~ Paper-thin Religion (1979) {Spoonfed And Writhing}
16. Glaxo Babies ~ Nine Months To The Disco (1980) {Nine Months To The Disco}
17. Horrific Child ~ L'Etrange Mr. Whinster (track 2) {1980) {L'Etrange Mr. Whinster}
18. Dome ~ Ar-Gu (1982) {Dome 3}
19. Pere Ubu ~ Sentimental Journey (1978) {The Modern Dance}

Apparently something went awry (for the 1st time) with the recording of this installment, hence it's lost in time.......... :(

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Upbeat Kraut

As I've stated before, about 1/5 of all the 290-X artisits on the list spawn from Germany and the Krautrock movement. This week's offering is 13 of my favorite examples thereof...
1. ExMagma ~ The First Tune (1973) {Exmagma}
2. Brainticket ~ Blaack Sand (1971) {Cottonwoodhill)
3. A.R. & Machines ~ As If I Have Seen All This Before (1971) {Die Grüne Reise}
4. Can ~ Quantum Physics (1974) {Soon Over Babaluma}
5. Dzyan ~ Dragonsong (1972) {Dzyan}
6. Faust ~ Dirk The Turtle Boy (Faust Redux - The Faust Party Tapes II) {2002}
7. Guru Guru ~ Kind und Hegel (1971) {Hinten}
8.  Krokodil ~ Sunlight's Beautiful Daughter (1970) {Swamp}
9. Oktober ~ Nero (1976) {Uhrsprung}
10. Twenty Sixty Six And Then ~ Butterking (1973) {Reflections}
11. Ash Ra Temple ~ L' Hiver Doux (1994) {Le Berceau de Cristal}
12. Tangerine Dream ~ Mysteriuos Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares (1974) {Phaedra}
13. Grobschnitt ~ Merry-Go-Round (1979) {Merry-Go-Round}

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

No Show this Week...

Due to a scheduling mix-up I couldn't get into the building again, so no show was broadcast or recorded...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rock ~N~ Jass's...BACK to the ""normal"", NON- alphabetical meanderings through the Nurse With Wound list here on the irregular, where I've decided to try as much as I can to theme each weeks' show somehow, be it through style, personnel, year, country, theme, sex... whatever. This week as the Post's title suggests it's upbeat Rocky and Jassy artists being offered for your perusal to christen the once-again non stringently formatted incarnation back into being...

1. This Heat ~ SPQR (1981) {Deceit}
2. Cromagnon ~ Caledonia (1969) {Orgasm}
3. Negativland ~ Christianity is Stupid (1987) {Escape from Noise}
4. Archimedes Badkar ~ Tva Varldar (1976) {Archimedes Badkar II}
5. Area ~ 240 Chilometri Da Smirne (1973) {Arbeit Macht Frei}
6. Hampton Grease Band ~ Halifax (1971) {Music to Eat}
7. Aksak Maboul ~ Vapona, Not Glue (1977) {Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine}
8. Moving Gelatine Plates ~ Astromonster (1972) {The World Of Genius Hans}
9. Univers Zero ~ Civic Circus (1999) {The Hard Quest}
10. Art Bears ~ The Dividing Line (1978) {Hopes And Fears}
11. Henry Cow ~ Half asleep; Half awake (1974) {Unrest}
12. Magma ~ Nono (1977) {Attahk}
13. Verto ~ Comme La Folie (1978) {Reel 19.36}
14. Bantem ~ Dig Dick (1972) {Bantem}
15. Archaia ~ Sur les Traces du Vieux Roy (1977) {Archaia}
16. Chrome ~ Half Machine Lip Moves (1978) {Half Machine Lip Moves}
17. Älgarnas Trädgård ~ The Future Is a Hovering Ship, Anchored In the Past (1972) {Framtiden Är Ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrat I Forntiden}

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #35

This last installment of our A-Z extravaganza features only four tracks (as that's all the artists left here), but I'm including a special piece that inspired the Beatles at the end to fill the final hour. So we've got one of the several bands that was also a commune/cult, a Yuyulating Yoko (by FAR the most irritating if not inaccessible piece I've yet to offer), French weirdness and finally we end with a Krautrock group...
1. Yahowa 13 (Father Yod and the Spirit of 76) ~ Side A (1974) {Expansion}
2. Yoko Ono ~ Fly (1971) {Fly}
3. ZNR ~ Enchevetrement Desordonne (1980) {Traite De Mecanique Populaire}
4. Zweistein ~ In (1970) {Trip • Flip Out • Meditation}
5.  Karlheinz Stockhausen ~ Regions III and IV (1969) {Hymnen}

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #34

With the tune count pulling in at FOUR, this week's show sees the absolute fewest tunes I've played in a single show... probably ever. The first hour brings three 20 minute bits (some eastern flavored kraut, noisy concrete and French weirdness) and the last hour is a single, fuzzed-out operatic bit of krautrock distortion!
1. Wired ~ Wired 2 ~ (1974) {Free Improvisation}
2. Wolfgang Dauner ~ Raga (1971) {Lady Blue}
3. Woorden ~ Side A (1966) {Woorden}
4. Xhol Caravan ~ Freedom Opera (1969) {Altena 1969}

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #33

Noisy noisy NOI-sy assed show this time around... All long tunes again as well except for one and less melody than concrete and distortion, though many of the tunes are low key and sluggish. Tucked into the middle of it all is one of my favs from the 60's the Velvet's classic tune about a drag queen dressed as a nun at an orgy......
1. Univers Zero ~ La Faulx (1979) Heresie
2. Uli Trepte (Spacebox Project) ~ Tapetalk (1981) {Spacebox}
3. Velvet Underground ~ Sister Ray (1968) {White Light/White Heat}
4. Verto ~ Strato (Volubilis) (1976) {Krig Volubilis}
5. Walter Franco ~ Mixturação (1973) {Ou Não}
6. Whitehouse ~ Live Action 4 (complete) (1982) {Psychopathia Sexualis}

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #32

Two more shows left after this one... at least for the A-Z trek we've spent most of the year on. In November I'm considering beginning a weekly tie in thread for the set list... All Kraut, all French, all people Zappa's worked with, all Jass... Thinking about tweaking the format as well. Maybe change up the bookend tunes, alter the tone perhaps. Not sure yet, still considering options. Speaking of bookends, this week's fare showcases three concrete-y pieces being book-ended by two Kraut tunes. Interesting mix...


1. Ton Steine Scherben ~ Steig Ein (1975) {Wenn Die Nacht Am Tiefsten}
2. Tony Oxley ~ Amass/Megaera (1970) {4 Compositions For Sextet}
3. Trevor Wishart ~ Arrival (1973) {Journey into Space}
4. Transmuseq ~ Exploring Along The River Of The Elements (1993)
5. Twenty Sixty Six And Then ~ Reflections On The Future (1973) {Reflections}

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #31


1. This Heat ~ Repeat (1993) {Repeat}
2. Thrice Mice ~ Trakov (1970) {Thrice Mice}
3. Throbbing Gristle ~ Music From The Death Factory-Side One (1976) {Music From The Death Factory}
4. Tokyo Kid Brothers/J.A. Ceasar - August 1970 (Dr. Nothing Mix) (1971/1972) {Throw Away the Books, Let's Take to the Streets/Jasumon OST}
5. Tolerance ~ Pulse Static (Tranqillia) (1981) {Divin}
6. Tomorrow's Gift ~ The First Seasons After The Destruction (1970) {Tomorrow's Gift}

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #30

As I'm running out of bands to play A-Z material from, I've decided to extend for the last 30 groups the limit I've imposed of 10 minutes or as close as I can get per title, to the maximum song length I have available..... just to milk this excursion length-wise as much as I can, so this week's set is only comprised of 6 tunes rather than my "usual" 8-12... So we got a little Kraut including a Holger side project, some French weirdness and all-in-all, like last week's alphabetically dictated kismetic selection, this week's fair is very mellow....VERY mellow, so sit back with your favorite herb and/or whatever else will tranquilize your mind and get ready for a long strange journey...

1. Technical Space Composer's Crew ~ Canaxis (1969) {Canaxis}
2. Terje Rypdal ~ Whenever I Seem to Be Far Away (1974) {Whenever I Seem to Be Far Away}
3. Theatre du Chene Noir ~ Hey...! (1976) {Chant Pour Le Delta, La Lune Et Le Soleil}
4. Ilitch ~ Periodikmindtrouble (1978) {Periodik Mindtrouble}
5. Third Ear Band ~ Ghetto Raga (1989) {Live Ghosts}
6. Thirsty Moon ~ Yellow Sunshine (1972) {Thirsty Moon}

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #29

WHAT A CRAZILY MELLOW SHOW this week 'round! If you're in a chillun' mood, this week's podcast will do the trick... I'm doing a little something different this week as well, set-list wise. As I've said before, during this alphabetical excursion, I'm playing the solo artists by order of the first letter of their FIRST name... not last. Thus Frank Zappa is played as an "F" and not a "Z". So I played Malfatti and Wittwer back in the "M"s. I'm starting off this week with the three Steves on the list and thought I'd begin with a Stephan Wittwer (OF Malfatti and Wittwer) SOLO piece as an extra special bonus track for tonight's set  list (because I really like it)... Starting out with some classical and jass, including an orchestral piece by Steve Reich, going to a few rock bits then a couple of avaunt-garde voice based tunes... ending with the MIGHTY Tangerine Dream! I chose a long one for them! ;)

1. Stephan Wittwer ~  End Title, Extended Version, parts 1 & 2 (1983) {Der Rechte Weg 12" EP}
2. Steve Beresford ~ Spring Dips (1980) {The Bath of Surprise}
3. Steve Lacy ~ Twilight (1988) {The Window}
4. Steve Reich ~ The Four Sections: No.1, Strings (With Winds and Brass) (1990) {The Four Sections / Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices & Organ}
5. Stooges ~ We Will Fall (1969) {The Stooges}
6. Supersister ~ A Girl Named You (1971) {A Girl Named You 7"}
7. Taj-Mahal Travelers ~ The Taj-Mahal Travelers Between 7:03-7:15 P.M (1972) {July 15 , 1972}
8. Tamia ~ First Polyphony (1978) {Senza Tempo}
9. Tangerine Dream ~ Alpha Centauri (1971) {Alpha Centauri}

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

I hate to say it, but... show again this week. Though this should be the last for a while... I almost had to work to cover the boss going camping but he didn't go. What DID happen though was my car needed all but $50 of this paycheck in repairs and I'm out of blank CD's, and as I record the show ahead of time from MP3's on my computer (odds on one disc and evens on the other so I DO still mix it live in the studio, though only with two discs), I literally couldn't afford a new spindle of them, as I have $75 to last two weeks. I can't even re-up my phone minutes either until then, so I have to drive to the studio to let the DJ before me know I won't be in and to kick the automation we use to cover the late night slots on early... *sad day in Mudville*

Saturday, September 1, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #28


1. Selten Gehörte Musik ~ Side B (1973) {Berliner Dichterworkshop}
2. Semool ~ Essai 1 (1971) {Essais}
3. Silberbart ~ God (1971) {4 Times Sound Razing}
4. Siloah ~ Mit Tiny Nach Tanger (1970) {Säureadler}
5. Smegma ~ Pigs for Lepers (1982) {Pigs for Lepers}
6. Snatch ~ Shopping for Clothes (1980) {Shopping for Clothes}
7. Soft Machine ~ Virtually (1990) {The Peel Sessions}
8. Sonny Sharrock ~ Peanut (1969) {Black Woman}
9. Sperm ~ Jazz Jazz (1970) {Shh! Heinäsirkat}
10. Sphinx Tush ~ Crashville (1970) {Pop & Blues Festival '70}

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #27

I can't begin to explain the troubles I thought I had with this show, once in the studio.... I say that because when I arrived, too late for the other DJ to wait til I left and came back, I realized that one of the discs I brought was the wrong one, and as I burn the show ahead of time, Odd tracks on disc one and even on disc two, so I DO still mix live, I only had half a show, and every other artist from the alpha list, per my odd/even disc process... So I left, went and got the other disc and had to have security let me into the building as there was no one else there at that time on a Sunday morning........... But the show's a hot one. Nice bit of mistake in my favour bob-ness with per having a wrong burn of the second disc, I had two Sally Timms tunes... one from her now doing alt country and one of her at 19 as Sally Smmit per where her entry on the List stems.

1. Ron Geeson ~ It's all very new, you know (1967) {A Raise of Eyebrows - As He Stands}
2. Ron 'Pate's Debonairs ~ The Lonely Astronauts (1975) {raundelunas 'pataphysical revue}
3. Sally Timms and the Drifting Cowgirls ~ This House Is A House Of Trouble (1987) {This House Is A House Of Trouble 12"}
4. Sally Smitt (and Pete Shelley) ~ Hangahar side 'B' (1980) {Hangahar OST}
5. Samla Mammas Manna ~ Dundrets Fröjder (1973) {Måltid}
6. Second Hand ~ Mainliner (1968) {Reality}
7. Secret Oyster ~ Paella (1974) {Sea Son/Straight To The Krankenhaus}
8. Seesselberg ~   Phönix  (1972) {Synthetik 1}

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #26

I'm really looking forward to the show tonight. After several weeks of really out there inaccessible stuff, the NWW A-Z bogeyman has bestowed upon us a set list of tunes that most of which are upbeat and can be enjoyed by a wider slice of musical palettes. As well, I'm correcting a mistake I realized I made a few weeks ago... On the list, Frank Zappa is listed as a separate act (I assume regarding his solo works) than the Mothers, so as I have them both in the same folder on my HD (under "Frank Zappa"), I played HIM solo in the F's but missed adding THEM to the M list from back in July... So I'm beginning the show with the out of order, Brown Shoes Don't Make It off of Absolutely Free. Maybe this will help me hit the Top 40!

***HOLY ZOD: THAT WAS STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***
1. Mothers of Invention ~ Brown Shoes Don't Make It (1967) {Absolutely Free}
2. Red Noise ~ Sarcelles C'est L'avenir (1970) {Sarcelles-Locheres}
3. Reform Art Unit ~ Impressions Part 2 (1978) {Impressions Three Motions}
4. Residents ~ Making of a Soul (1974) {Not Available}
5. Ritual-All-7-70 ~ 775 (1967) {Ritual-All-7-70}
6. Robert Ashley ~ Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon (1980) {Automatic Writing}
7. Robert Wyatt ~ Sea Song (1974) {Peel Sessions}
8. Rockys Filj ~ L'ultima Spiaggia (1973) {Storie Di Uomini E Non}
9. Roger Doyle ~ Oizzo No (1975) {Oizzo No}

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installments #24-25

YES...... I've been skipping weeks a bit lately. I've had mostly good excuses.... except for one or two, "I just don't want to go ins"... But those have been precursed with lack of sleep and headache and such, so they still don't REALLY count as being lazy.... DO THEY????! Anyway, to make up for it I've got TWO shows I'm doing BACK TO BACK this week! One early and unannounced, so peeps may miss it if they regularly listen. But that's GOOD because when they hear they missed one THIS SAME NIGHT, it may be an incentive to visit my BLOG here and listen to it per my PODCAST! hehehehehe!

1. Paolo Tofani ~ Indicazione 1 (1977) {Indicazione}
2. Parker and Lytton ~ Lytton Perdu (1972) {Collective Calls (Two Microphones}
3. Pataphonie ~ Part 2 (Full) (1978) {Pataphonie Live 1978}\
4. Patrick Vian ~ Oreknock (1976) {Bruits Et Temps Analogues}
5. Patrizio Fariselli ~ Antropofagia (1977) {Antropofagia}
6. Pekka Airaksinen ~ Pieni Sienikonsertto: A Little Soup for Piano and Orchestra Op. 46, 8 (1973) {One Point Music}
7. Pere Ubu ~ 30 Seconds Over Tokyo (1975) {30 Seconds Over Tokyo 7" Single}
8. Philippe Besombes ~ Trio (1979) {Cesi Est Cela}
9. Philippe Doray ~ Fin De Semaine Dans Un Parc D'Attractions (1977) {Ramasse-Miettes Nucleaire}
10. Pierre Henry ~ 2000 Suckers 8 Tentacles / Ingenius Polyp!! (1968) {The Secret Love Life Of The Octopus}
11. Pierrot Lunaire ~ Gudrun (1977) {Gudrun}
12.  Plastic Ono Band ~ Feel the Sand (2009) {Between My Head And The Sky}
13. Plastic People Of The Universe ~ Constipation (1978) {Egon Bondy's Happy Hearts Club Banned}
14. Poison Girls ~ Good Time (1980) {Chappaquiddick Bridge}
15. Pôle ~ Kotrill (1975) {Kotrill}
16. The Pop Group ~ We are Time (1980) {We are Time}
17. Public Image Limited ~ Theme (1978) {First Issue}
18. Roberto Colombo ~ Caccia Alla Volpe (1975) {Sfogatevi Bestie}
19. Ragnar Grippe ~ Chamber Music (1977) {Electronic Compositions}
20. Ray Russell ~ Sarana (1973) {Rites and Rituals}
21. Raymond Boni ~ Chanson pour Indio (1977) {Rêve en Couleurs}
22. Red Krayola ~ Former Reflections Enduring Doubt (1967) {The Parable Of Arable Land}

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #23

With installment lucky #23... It's another really inaccessible playlist this week... Lots of Concrete, Improv, Free Jazz and a little Prog/Psych weirdness. And as long as I don't talk too much as I always do, we (my homonculous flying cat-monkeys and myself) JUST... Might>>> be able to complete all of the O's and the final N as I tried to complete all of the N's and the final M last week........ (don'tcountonit)

1. Nu Creative Methods ~ Orphean Veranda (1981) {Le Marchand De Calicot}
2. Oktober ~ Mainspring (1976) {Uhrsprung}
3. Operating Theatre (Roger Doyle) ~ Fin-Estra (1981) {Rapid Eye Movements}
4. Operation Rhino ~ Face B1 - Improvisation 1. Suite (1976) {Fête De Politique Hebdo Lyon 76}
5. Opus Avantra ~ R.E.M. (1989) {Strata}
6. Orchid Spangiafora ~ Dime Operation (1979) {Flee Past's Ape Elf}
7. Osamu Kitajima ~ Whoma ~ Immortality (1974) {Benzaiten}
8. Out of Focus ~ World's End (1970) {Wake Up!}
9. Ovary Lodge ~ Sylphs in Pisces (1973) {Ovary Lodge}

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #22

I'm cramming ALL of the N's into the show tonight along with the final M that I didn't have time for last week... I will not cut if I go over like I usually do, I'll just have a long show if I must. I was short 20 minutes a few weeks back so this can make up for it. As well, this is probably the least accessible play-list I've had in this A-Z excursion yet. Out of 11 pieces, all are rock (Kraut and other  Prog) or Jass except for 3 noise pieces later on... including the supposed world's first noise band: The Nihilist Spasm band, formed in the 60's and from North Canadia... ENJOY!

1. Mythos ~ Encyclopedia Terra Part 1 (1971) {Mythos}
2. Napoli Centrale ~ Vecchie, Mugliere, Muorte E Criaturi (1975) {Napoli Centrale}
3. Negativland ~ We Are Driven (1993) {Free}
4. Neu! ~ Negativland (1972) {Neu!}
5. New Phonic Art ~ Begegnung in Baden-Baden Version II (1971) {New Phonic Art}
6. Nico ~ Heros (2003) {Femme Fetale}
7. Night Sun ~ Got a Bone of My Own (1972) {Mournin'}
8. Nihilist Spasm Band ~ Indecision Of The Night (2006) {No Nihilist Spasm Band In Mulhouse}
9. Nine Day's Wonder ~ Fermillon (1970) {Nine Day's Wonder}
10. Nosferatu ~ No. 4 (1970) {Nosferatu}

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

More no broadcast...

I suck... No show again tonight... I did a fill in show earlier this evening for another DJ and am now too tired per my sleep this weekend has been blocky and thin. So, SUCK IT UP!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

No Show...

So when I showed up at the locked studio at midnight... no one answered the door or the phone, so I couldn't broadcast this week.....

Saturday, June 30, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #21


1. Min Bul ~ Champagne Of Course (1970) {Min Bul}
2. Mnemonists ~ Horde (Side A.) Puncture/Throng, Digesting War (In Two Portions), The Undergrowth, Resurgence, Amy Derbyshire, Crucible, The Horde (1981) {Horde}
3. Modry Efekt and Jazzový Orchestr Čs. Rozhlasu ~ Je tøeba obout boty a pak dlouho jít (1974) {Nová Syntéza 2}
4. Moolah ~ Courage (1974) {Woe Ye Demons Possessed}
5. Mothers of Invention ~ Blessed Relief (1973) {Grand Wazoo}
6. Moving Gelatine Plates ~ Last Song (1971) {Moving Gelatine Plates}
7. Music Improvisation Company ~ Dragon Path (1970) {The Music Improvisation Company}
8. Musica Elettronica Viva ~ Cosmic Communion (1970) {Leave the City}

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #20

Not much in the form of accessible music this week, so if your palette is sensitive, you might want to have someone strap you to a gurney and inject you with PCP before listening so you can comfortably lose your mind. Experimental, Free Jazz,  Concrete, people droning in foreign tongues... sometimes without even musical accompaniment... This set is NOT for the feint of heart... FUNSTUFF!

1. Martin Davorin Jagodic ~ Lato A(B) (1975) {Tempo Furioso}
2. Martin Saint-Pierre ~ Ancestrales 2 (1978) {Solo Création Le Chant Du Monde}
3. Maschine No. 9 ~ Maschine No. 9 part 2 (1974) {Headmovie)
4. Maté & Vallancien ~ Cambodge 70 (1972) {Cambodge 70}
5. Michael Mantler ~ Nineteen (1982) {Something There}
6. Michel Portal ~ Our Meanings and Our Feelings (1969) {Our Meanings and Our Feelings}
7. Michel Waisvisz ~ A. De Brug Gaat Open b. Berliner neustadlament c. Stradivarius (1978) {Crackle)

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #19

Ok, ok, ..., I've been a ba-a-ad blogger. I've ceased writing an intro paragraph and am not being prompt in uploading... I apologize. RL issues + laziness = Ba-a-ad blogger. I'm going to stop that now and go back and write an intro for the ones I've missed. This week's playlist has inspired me into it, actually. It's chock FULL of French weirdness (including the longest piece I've chosen yet... a 40 minute live version of Mekanik Destruktiv Kommando by my arguable favorite minus Zappa and Beefheart name on the list itself, which is why I'm starting this week with such a whopper) as well as a couple of American groups and a Nordic Jass duo... (LOTS of French Weirdness.......)
1. Magma ~ Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh (3eme mouvement de THEUSZ HAMTAAHK) (1981) {Retrospektiw I - II}
2. Mahjun ~ 11 La ville pue (1977) {Mahjun}
3. Mahogany Brain ~ Green Winter of Revolvers (1977) {Smooth Sick Lights}
4. Malfatti - Wittwer ~ 10⁴³ (1976) {Thumblin'}
5. Mama Béa Tekielski ~ Le Chaos (1979) {Le Chaos}
6. Mama Dada 1919 ~ Five Slits, Quick (1979) {Slits, Quick}
7. Mars ~ Hairwaves (1986) {78+}

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #18

It's a VERY weird and somber show tonight... If you're looking for upbeat and accessible music, you had better suck off a gun instead of listening to this set list.
Because sometime before the end, you'd do so anyway, so why prolong the inevitable... HUH?!
1. Lard Free ~ Tobruck 120 KMS (1972) {Lard Free I}
2. Lawrence Weiner ~ Niets Aan V (1976) {Niets Aan Verloren/Nothing to Lose}
3. Le Forte Four ~ Balanced Comfort (1976) { L.A. Free Music Society Live At The Brand}
4. Lemon Kittens ~ Paper-thin Religion (1979) {Spoonfed and Writhing}
5. Lily ~ Eyes Look From The Mount Of Flash (1973) {V.C.U.)
6. Limbus 3 ~ Oneway Trip (1969) {New-Atlantis}
7. L'Infonie ~ Section 1-17 (1972) {Vol. 333}
8. Luc Ferrari ~ Music Promenade A (1969) {Presque Rien}
9. Magical Power Mako ~ Pink Bitch (Lalala) (1975) {Super Record}

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #17

As K's and L's invade, we seem to be celebrating rock this week with the 1st 2/3's of the list devoted to Kraut and the last to weird unlistenable crap........... ENJOY, BI-ATCHES! ..............................................
1. Kluster ~ Seltsame Gegend (1981) {Curiosum}
2. Kollektiv Rote Rube ~ Schwester, Wach Auf (1979) {Liebe Tod Hysterie}
3. Komintern ~ Bal Pour Un Rat Vivant (1971) {Le Bal Du Rat Mort}
4. Kraftwerk ~ Europe Endless (1977) {Trans-Europe Express}
5. Krokodil ~ The Creator Has A Master Plan (1970) {The Psychedelic Tapes}
6. L. Voag (The Just Measurers) ~ New Yerk (The Big Time) (1980) {Flagellations}
7. LaMonte Young ~ 31 VII 69 10:26-10:49 PM (1969) {Black Record}
8. LaDonna Smith and Davey Williams (with Andrea Centazzo) ~ Velocity (1979) {Velocities}

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #16

About 1/2 way through the A-Z project at this point, I missed International Harvester for reasons laid out in the cast proper, so I'm tossing them in two weeks late, predicating the beginning and end of the J's as we end, beginning the K's... A fair amount of drony/zoney stuff, a little rock, FRENCH WEIRDNESS, the most cross generically influential composer of the 20th century and finalizing with KING CRIMSON!!
1. International Harvester ~ How To Survive (1969) {Sov Gott Rose-Marie}
2. Jean Dubuffet ~ Longue Peine (1973) {Musical Experiences)
3. Jean-François Pauvros and Gaby Bizien ~ No Man's Land (1976) {No Man's Land}
4. Jef Gilson ~ The Creator Has A Master Plan (1969) {Zao}
5. John Cage ~ Souvenir (1983) {In A Landscape}
6. John Greaves & Peter Blegvad ~ Nine Mineral Emblems (1977) {Kew. Rhone.}
7. Juan Hidalgo ~ L H O O Q (1977) {Rrose Selavy}
8. Karlheinz Stockhausen ~ Realization A (1968) {Spiral}
9. King Crimson ~ The Court Of The Crimson King Including The Return Of The Fire Witch And The Dance Of The Puppets (1969) {In The Court Of The Crimson King}

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #15

With an epic battle between Rock and Minimalism, this week's show features a wide cultural variety this week in our alphabetically dictated randomness of this week's groups this week. Our itinerary includes Italy, France, Sweden, France, Switzerland, France, The US, England, France and France...

1. Il Balletto di Bronzo ~ Sino 2222 (1972) {Ys}
2. Ilitch (Thierry Müller) ~ A.B.SS (2) (1978) {Periodik Mindtrouble}
3. Iskra ~ Till Katarina Blum (1977) {Allemansrätt}
4. Island ~ Herold and King, Dloreh (1977) {Pictures}
5. Jac Berrocal ~ Cryptea (1973) {Musiq Musik}
6. Jaques Thallot ~ Valse (1977) {Résurgence}
7. James White (and the Blacks) ~ Christmas with Satan (1979) {Off White}
8. Jan Dukes de Grey ~ Mice and Rats in the Loft (1971) {Mice and Rats in the Loft}
9. Jean Guérin ~ Gaub 71 (1971) {Tacet}
10. Jean Cohen-Solal ~ Concerto Cycliq (1972) {Flute Libres}

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #14

Sorry for the 2X episode hiatus... New job/new stress, new position. I got promoted to manager and have suddenly been overwhelmed. 6 day weeks and learning to run a team of 4. Spare time has been devoted to not working, lol. Ending the H's and beginning the I's my homonculi and I are playing really odd pieces tonight. Lots of collage... some concrete... one of the 20th century's most amah-zing composers and non-accompanied foreign voice jibbering in ... foreigns. Strap it on... er, in.

1. Heratius ~ Intro A Blackcook (1978) {Gwendolyne}
2. Hero ~ Clapping and Smiling (1974) {Hero}
3. Horde Catalytique Pour La Fin ~ Gestation Sonore 1 (1971) {Gestation Sonore}
4. Horrific Child ~ Frayeur (1976) {L'Étrange Mr Whinster}
5. Hugh Hopper ~ Miniluv (1973) {1984}
6. Iannis Xenakis ~ Evryali, for solo piano (1973/1990)  {Chamber Music 1955-1990}
7. Ibliss ~ High Life (1972) {Supernova}
8. Igor Wakhevitch ~ Materia Proma (1971) {Docteur Faust}

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

No show this week 2...

More last minute unexpected work stuff. I manage an overnight shift of 5, we're training a new guy, my "2nd" was on the last day of her vacation and it was her day on, so I had to last minute sub in. I PROMISE this won't happopen againz... My 3 or 4 devoted stumblers...

Monday, April 23, 2012

No show this week...

So, my new job is kicking my butt. You may have noticed I still have to post the links to last week's show. This week I was called in to work at the last minute on my day off because my assistant called in sick and being the supervisor, I had to fill in, so the show did not happen. (4::20 show, missed!!) Alas, but we will continue on next week...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #13

Finishing the G's and beginning the H's, I begin my new time slot. I used to have last night at this time and now I'm at tonight at this time... (Saturday). New job... new hope... new future... *wipes tear* ......Really cool tunes this week; more-so than usual. We begin with 4 Krauts, include Zappa-clique obscurantism, the best drummer alive until recently, concrete, art rock and back to Kraut. You're gonna have phun tuna-ite, kidsez.

1. Grobschnitt ~ Solar Music Lünen '77 (2003) {The History of Solar Music 4}
2. Group 1850 ~ Purple Sky (1969) {Paradise Now}
3. Guru Guru ~ Der Elektrolurch (1973) {Guru Guru}
4. Hairy Chapter ~ Can't Get Through (1971) {Can't Get Through}
5. Hampton Grease Band ~ Halifax (1971) {Music to Eat}
6. Han Bennink ~ Solo Part 1 (?) {YouTube Video}
7. Henri Chopin ~ Le Corps Est Une Usine À Sons (2007) {Body Is A Sound Factory}
8. Henry Cow ~ Ruins (1974) {Unrest}
9. Heratius ~ Intro A Blackcook (1978) {Gwendolyne}

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Friday, April 6, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #12

We begin with the G's this week. In the forecast this week; a group of many, many saxophonists that play pieces written specifically to be performed in unique, pre-existent public space, sax-ists strewn everywhere with the tones designed to reverberate within that specific architectural environment, about 1/3 scattered Kraut,  a little psychedelic rock... And FYI, I may be switching time slots soon as I have a new job and am not sure what the days will be.

1. Gash ~ A Young Man's Gash Pt III (1972) {A Young Man's Gash}
2. Ghédalia Tazartès ~ Un Amour si Grand qu'il Nie son Objet (1979) {Diasporas}
3. Gila ~ Night 9 (1972) {Nightworks}
4. Gilbert Artman (Urban Sax) ~ Part IV (1978) {2}
5. Glaxo Babies ~ Nine Months To The Disco (1980) {Nine Months To The Disco}
6. Gomorrha ~ Trauma (German Version) (1970) {Trauma}
7. Gong ~ What Do You Want (1972) {Continental Circus}
8. Good Missionaries ~ The Good Missionary - Part 1 (1980) {Vibing Up The Senile World...... (7", EP, Ltd, Mono)}
9. Grand Magic Circus ~ Side A (1974) {Le Grand Mechant Cochon Et Les Trois Gentils Loups}

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Friday, March 30, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #11

WOW, this week brings us an odd, odd group of artists. Mostly ambient pieces and sound collages with only a few bits that are actually melodious. I LOVE IT! Finishing the F's, we have the mighty guitarists Frank Zappa and Fred Frith, a side project from Paul Revere and the Raiders as well as one from Pete Shelley, and of course a couple of Krautrock acts. On a side note, there may be in the coming weeks a few missed sessions here and there, as it looks like I'm getting a job that may interfere with my regular Irregular programming. I hope to remedy this by getting a different one that I am also up for that would hopefully counter this... But if that second gig falls through, I may have to move time slots to something earlier, though I do have an alternative plan that would have me on-air on irregular nights from 2Am to 4AM... We'll see how this all fleshes out. Oh, and as stated last week, I inadvertantly skipped Family Fodder, so I'm starting this week's installment with them, out of order..... ;(

1. Family Fodder ~ Dinosaur Sex (1981) {Schizophrenia Party EP}
2. Frank Köllges ~ Brotmaschine - Vom schnapferen Teiderlein  --- R.I.P. (* 18.11.1952 Düsseldorf - † 01.01.2012 Neuss)
3. Frank Zappa ~ The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution (1979) {Sleep Dirt}
4. Franz De Byl ~ I Got Trouble (1972) {Und}
5. Fred Frith ~ The Palace of Laughter, The Technology of Tears (1988) {The Technology of Tears}
6. Free Agents ~ Untitled 1 (1980) {£3.33}
7. Friederich Gulda ~ Duo 2 Gulda/Anders (1976) {Gegenwart}
8. Friendsound ~ The Empire of Light² (1969) {Joyride}
9. Fritz Müller ~ Fritz Müller Traum (1977) {Fritz Müller Rock}

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Friday, March 23, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #10

Let me start this post with saying that YES, I made a couple of mistakes... Half way through this week's broad/pod-cast I realized that I had not included Family Fodder and will now just have to do so at the beginning of next weeks' cast... REALLY annoying to me, but, that's the way it goes. Also, I've seen a couple different versions of the list apparently over the years, as I've noticed several artists while putting this together over the last 10 weeks that I had SWORN I've seen included, suddenly NOT included on the several versions of the list online that I peruse. I've caught them in the past and disgarded them, but this week I kinda almost missed one. "Frame", the Kraut band again, I SWEAR was included before and now it isn't. I caught it before playing the tune that I chose, but then began to play it on-air anyway...... I caught it though before the 1st verse and stopped it. Still.... Live radio, what cha gonna doo??

1. Exmagma ~ The First Tune (1973) {Exmagma}
2. Faust ~ Chromatic (1998) {71 Minutes}
3. Fernando Grillo ~ Fluvine3 (1976) {Fluvine}
4. Fille Qui Mousse ~  Annal-Mandrake-Cool non imperial News (1971/1994) {Se Taire Pour Une Femme Trop Belle}
5. Floh De Cologne ~ Satz, Danse Macabre (Totentanz) (1972) {Geier-Symphonie}
6. Flying Lizards ~ Money (original vinyl version) (1979) {The Flying Lizards}
7. Foodbrain ~ The Hole In The Sausage (1970) {Social Gathering}
8. Förklädd Gud ~ Hopplös Flamenco (1977) {Jazz I Sverige 77}
9. Frame ~ All I Really Want Explain (1972) {Frame of Mind}
10. Franco Battiato ~ Pollution (1972) {Pollution}

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Friday, March 16, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #9

We're (my Homunculus Manitous and myself) finishing the D's AND all of the E's tonight. Only 5 E's and they're all, save a French Jazz act, Kraut groups. In fact 6 of the 10 acts featured tonight are. We also have a little avantgarde experimental noise and really that's about it per genre this time around. Kraut, Noise and a little Jazz... Although technically, Kraut is more of a movement comprised of many different genres' explored by German musicians... but that's splitting hairs. Oh, one of the albums I've drawn from was recorded in the 70's for an unproduced film about the Viking Mars Mars probe and not released until the 00's and one of the acts is of mysterious origins....... (did those two hooks pique your interest enough to draw you in?) .......Should be a fun show.

1. Dies Irae ~ Witches Meeting (1971) {First}
2. Dome ~ The Red Tent 1&2 (1980) {Dome 2}
3. Don Bradshaw Leather ~ Distance Between Us Part 2 (1972) {Distance Between Us}
4. The Doo-Dooettes ~The Immense Depths In The Sky That We Cannot Realize (1976/2001) {Think Space}
5. Dzyan ~ Back To Where We Came From (1974) {Electric Silence}
6. Eiliff ~ Uzzek Of Rigel IV (1971) {Eiliff}
7. Emtidi ~ Die Reise (1972) {Saat}
8. Eroc ~ Chaotic Reaction + Norderland (1975) Eroc Eins
9. Etron Fou Leloublan ~ Le Fleuve Et Le Manteau (1985) {En Public Aux États Unis d'Amérique}

Per time constraints (I talk too much) I'm saving Exmagma, the final group in the E's until next week.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #8

This week we begin (and for all but 5 acts, end) the D's, and I've run into a chunk of groups with the most short pieces offered yet. As I've said before, I'm trying to feature tunes as close to 10 minutes each as I can and have so far been mostly successful. But another weird pattern emerged with this set and it offered me more than half the groups with no songs (that I have anyway) reaching the 10 minute mark... in fact 5 of them are about average length for "normal" radio fare. Another noisey week though with some punk, a piece of sound poetry, a couple of concrete pieces and some free jazz. The first act featured is one of only two on the entire list that has only a single recorded piece in existence. Though to be fair, the other one, Sphinx Tush has two different versions of their lone number, so Dadazuzu is definitely the lone songman, so to speak...

1. Dadazuzu and Lerryn ~ Lehrlings-Machtgebeat (1969) {Lehrlinge Zusammenhalten}
2. David Cunningham ~ Error System (EFGA) (1977) {Grey Scale}
3. Debris' ~ Static Disposal (1976) {Static Disposal}
4. Decayes ~ Ich Bin Ein Spiegelei (1978) {Ich Bin Ein Spiegelei}
5. Dedalus ~ Santiago (1973) {Dedalus}
6. Deep Freeze Mice ~ A Trillion Sprods (1984) {I Love You Little Bobo With Your Delicate Golden Lions}
7. Demetrio Stratos ~ Metrodora (1976) {Metrodora}
8. Der Plan ~ Gefaehrliche Clowns (Manische-Depressiv) (1980) {Geri Reig}
9. Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft ~ Mein Herz Macht Bum (1981) {Alles ist gut}
10. Dharma Quintet ~ End Starting (1971) {End Starting}

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Friday, March 2, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #7

So it appears that what happened last week was when I input the 1st blank CD into my DVD ROM drive to burn for the show, I accidentally chose "Burn Data Disc" from the pop-up window without realizing it and the CD drives in the station's on-air studio didn't know what the hell to do with them.... So this week we press on. Finishing the C's, we have a somewhat noisy show tonight with a couple of really long pieces, pushing the 20 minute mark.

1. Come ~ Shaved Slits 2 (1980) {Rampton}
2. Companyia Elèctrica Dharma ~ Ones Nones (1976) {L´oucomballa}
3. Comus ~ Drip Drip (1971) {First Utterance}
4. Cornucopia ~ Spot on You, Kids (1973) {Full Horn}
5. Costin Miereanu ~ Parte Prima (seconda) (1975) {Luna Cinese}
6. Crass ~ The Swan Song (1984) {10 Notes on a Summer's Day}
7. Creative Rock ~ It's Alright (1974) {Lady Pig}
8. Cromagnon ~ Crow of the Black Tree (1969) {Orgasm}
9. Cupol ~ 3.4... (1980) {8 Time}

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Friday, February 24, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #7 (post-poned)

1. Come ~ Shaved Slits 2 (1980) {Rampton}
2. Companyia Elèctrica Dharma ~ Ones Nones (1976) {L´oucomballa}
3. Comus ~ Drip Drip (1971) {First Utterance}
4. Cornucopia ~ Spot on You, Kids (1973) {Full Horn}
5. Costin Miereanu ~ Parte Prima (seconda) (1975) {Luna Cinese}
6. Crass ~ The Swan Song (1984) {10 Notes on a Summer's Day}
7. Creative Rock ~ It's Alright (1974) {Lady Pig}
8. Cromagnon ~ Crow of the Black Tree (1969) {Orgasm}
9. Cupol ~ 3.4... (1980) {8 Time}


Sunday, February 19, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #6

Still in the C's, this week we have only one Kraut group which is quite rare as over 1 of 6 bands on the list fit that bill. Also one of my favorite American groups on the list, a solo effort by the lead of one of my all-time favorite groups, Magma, two Jazz ensembles, a Czech rock group, two AMAZING female French singers and tunes from 3 albums who's cover art coincidentally feature scrawled images of African animals. Next week we finish the C's!

1. Catherine Ribiero and Alpes ~ Le Silence de la Mort (1977) {Le Temps de L'autre
2. Chamberpot ~ Hits (1976) {Chamberpot}
3. Checkpoint Charlie ~ Die Geschichte von Fritzle (1978) {Frühling der Krüppel}
4. Chillum ~ Yes! We Have No Pajamas (1971) {Chillum}
5. Christian Vander ~ Joie (1973) {Vander er les Trois Jef}
6. Chrome ~ Armageddon (1980) {3rd from the Sun}
7. Claudio Rossio and Paolo Tofani ~ Jiv Jago (1980) {Un Gusto Superiore}
8. Cohelmec Ensemble ~ Adventures Terrestres Aquatiques (1971) {Hippotigris Zebra Zebra}
9. Colette Magny ~ Ras La Trompe: Le Pachyderme, Blues Ras La Trompe, Radio Cornac, Les Militants, Final (1975) {Transit}
10. Collegium Musicum ~ Burleska (1973) {Live}

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Friday, February 10, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #5

We're in for another great show with a distinct persona this week! Lots of droning and hypnotic stuff including (as usual) a good amount of Kraut (with the flagship Kraut group, Can), some nice electronica, militant homosexual cabaret and the genius vision of Don Vliet aka Captain Beefheart, in perfect timing with the LONG awaited (36 years) posthumous release this coming Monday, of his Bat Chain Puller album by the Zappa Family Trust due to legal crap and hard feelings... In tribute to and celebration of this wonderful event, I'm going to add a song from it in order each week after this until I play the entire thing.

1. Brainstorm ~ Bosco Biati Weib Alles (1972) {Smile a While}
2. Brainticket ~ Skyline (Analogue 1970) (1982) {Voyage}
3. Brast Burn (Karuna Khyal) ~ Alomony 1985 Pt 2 (1985) {1985}
4. Brave New World ~ Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta (1972) {Impressions On Reading Aldous Huxley}
5. Brühwarm Theatre ~ Shit-Hit (1991) {Entartet!}
6. Cabaret Voltaire ~ Lost Possibilities of Modern Dreams (2001) {Conform}
7. Can ~ Father Cannot Yell (original demo) (2001) {Rare and Unreleased}
8. Capsicum Red ~ Patetica: 1o. Tempo; 2o. Tempo; 3o Tempo (1970) {Appunti Per Un Idea Fissa}
9. Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band ~ 25th Century Quaker (2008) {The Mirror man Sessions}

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #4

Wow, LOTTA jassy tunes this week! Funny how each week's 10 tunes seem to have a discernible 'flavor'; last week was 'weird' prog rock. the week before, harder prog rock and the 1st week, I'd say was more of a European acid influenced rock. Many titular
bands/songs (and/or) albums this week as well. I'd say a lot of French and Scandinavian artists too, but that's pretty much every week. So shines the bumpy road that is the NWW List...

1. Association P.C. ~ Hit the P.Tit (1970) {Ear Wax}
2. Banten ~ Music for Nita and Bert (1972) {Banten}
3. Basil Kirchen ~ Emergence (1974) {Worlds Within Worlds}
4. Bernard Lubat ~ Shouara (1972) {Bernard Lubat And His Mad Ducks}
5. Biglietto Per L'Inferno ~ L' Amico Suicida  (1974) {Biglietto Per L'Inferno}
6. Birge, Gorge, Shiroc ~ Le Reveil (1975) {Defense de}
7. Blue Sun ~ Blue Sun (1973) {Lost in Time}
8. Bomis Prendin ~ Umbrel Vectors (1979) {Bomis Prendin}
9. Boyd Rice ~ Untitled [song #9] (1979) {The Black Album}

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Friday, January 27, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #3

It appears we've hit a milestone here at The Irregular Show's NWW List A-Z Blog and Podcast, my homunculus gnomes and myself, Dr. Nothing... This show marks the point where we pass the "A's"... Yes, a list of 29X bands can get pretty bulky, so 3 weeks of A acts are to be expected though. *winces at bad pun* ANY-way, this setlist is really going to be fun, as many of the bands in the latter third of the first letter are some of my favorites on the list... thus assuredly pretty weird. Arbete och Fritid and Archimedes Badkar, both rock bands from Sweden, Henry Cow spin-off, Art Bears with Fred Frith, and of course the seminal Kosmische Musik groups Ashra and Ash Ra Tempel are high points for me, but assuredly all of the NWW List "A" artists are amazing in their own rights... as are the rest of the alphabet's offerings here-in. ENJOY! week, the beginning of the b's... ;)

1. Arbete och Fritid ~ Kalvdans (1979) {Håll Andan}
2. Arcane V ~ Marron Dingue (1979) {Marron Dingue}
3. Archaia ~ L'arche des Mutations (1977) {Archaia}
4. Archimedes Badkar ~ Efter Regnet + Vattenfall (1976) {Archimedes Badkar II}
5. Area ~ MIRage? Mirage! (1974) {Caution Radiation Area}
6. Art Bears ~ In Two Minds (1978) {Hopes and Fears}
7. Art Zoyd ~ La Nuit (1982) {Phase V}
8. Arzachel (Uriel) ~ Clean Innocent Fun (1969) {Arzachel}
9. Ashra ~ Hausaufgabe (2002) {Life in Japan}
10. Ash Ra Tempel ~ Interplay of Forces (1973) {Starring Rosi}
X11. Association P.C. ~ Frau Theunissen's Kegel (1972) {Erna Morena}X

(During the show, I decided to not go over and keep Association P.C. until next week, opening the B's with the last A)

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Friday, January 20, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #2

OK then, week #2 of the NWW List A-Z on The Irregular Show is now here bringing with it the second of three installations featuring the many artists beginning with the letter, "A"; at least the way I'm counting it... As I've said, I'm grouping the solo acts by the first letter of their first name, rather than last, as that's how I have them arranged on my computer's hard drive.
I'd like to thank and give a big shout-out to DJ Jim from Radio Mu Mu found on Chirp Radio out of the windy city who inspired me to actually start a blog and podcast for this show. His playlists are eclectic and ALL over the genre map and he can be found right here on the BlogSpot network at Radio Mu Mu every other Saturday, so please go support independent radio podcasts EVEN MORE by adding him to your listening roster as well.

1. Ame Son ~ Coeur Fou/La Globule/Le Mai Sonne (1970) {Catalyse}
2. AMM ~  In The Realm of Nothing Whatever (1966) {AMMmusic 1966}
3. Amon Düül ~ Drum Things (1972) {Disaster}
4. Amon Düül II ~  Hawknose Harlequin (1972) {Carnival in Babylon}
5. Anal Magic and Reverend Dwight Frizzell ~ Black Crack and the Sole Survivors - (1976) {Beyond the Black Crack}
6. Anima (Sound) ~ Show Mää Show (1971) {Stürmischer Himmel}
7. Annexus Quam ~ Osmose III (1970) {Osmose}
8. Anthony Moore ~ Mu na H-uile ni a Shaoileas (1971) {Pieces From The Cloadland Ballroom)
9. Anton Bruhin ~ Versuchpilz 6 (1978) {Rotomotor}
10. Aqsak Maboul ~ Mastoul Alakefak (1981) {Onze Danses Pour Combattre la Migraine}

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Podcast upload delay...

Having a few problems finding a host for my podcasts, but this should be rectified soon...

Friday, January 13, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #1

Here's the playlist for tonight's first installment of the NWW List A-Z on The Irregular Show. It takes us through just under half of the A's... As I said before, I'm choosing pieces that are as close to ten  minutes as I can. Most artists on the list have pieces close to that, so that's definitely going to be the median point. A few coming in the future (mostly avant-garde and  concrete stuff) have pieces whose shortest time is close to half an hour... an entire album side, so there will be exceptions either way.

1. Achim Reichel and Machines ~ Truth And Probability (A Lexicon Of Self Knowledge) (1971) {Die Grüne Reise}
2. Agitation Free ~ Susie Sells Seashells at the Seashore (1999 reunion) {The River of Return}
3. Airway ~  Live at Lace part one (1978) {Live at Lace}
4. Albert Marcoeur ~ Quest-ce Que ta as? (1974) {split cassette with This Heat}
5. Albrecht/d. ~ Endless Music goes Zen (1985) {Abstract Energy}
6. Alcatraz ~ Simple Headphone Mind (1971) {Vampire State Building}
7. Älgarnas Trädgård ~ Interstellar Cruise (1973-1974) {Delayed - released 2001}
8. Alternative TV ~ Alternative TG (1998) {Punk Life}
9. Alvaro ~ Drinkin' My Own Sperm (1977) {Drinkin' my Own Sperm}
10. Alvin Lucier ~ Fideliotrio (1987) {Wind Shadows}

The Podcast will be uploaded in the next day.

Cheers for now...

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

NWW List A-Z

In 1979 the experimental, "proto-mash-up" trio of Steven Stapleton, John Fothergill, and Heman Patha released their first album, Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella, and within the liner notes they included a list of bands that influenced their burgeoning sound collage project which they called, Nurse With Wound. After their second album was released including another roster of acts, the list was complete, comprised of 290+ artists from around the planet, spanning many musical genres; from Krautrock to Musique Concrete, Cabaret to Free Jazz, Psychedelic Rock to French Weirdness. It has since become a shopping list... no, more like a Schindler's list of amazing musical oddities for sound geeks across the globe to collect and enjoy.
This radio show, broadcast from the Erb Memorial Union on the campus of the University of Oregon, Fridays at midnight to Saturdays at 2AM PST, is dedicated to the further propagation of these artists and their works into the ears and minds of the initiated and unaware alike... and beginning on Friday January 13th, 2012, I'll be playing the entire list from A-Z. As many of the artists' music includes titles well longer than the average 3 minute radio-fare, I'm actually aiming to select pieces that are at least 10 minutes long... so this process should take a good part of the year.
To the right is a link to the station's live feed and a count-down timer to the next live show and also links to set-lists and a podcast for consumption after the fact.