Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Amuhr-cans IIV...

Yes, I know the header is deeply flawed... BUT SO IS THIS CULTURE AND TONIGHT'S playlist as well.....! (...ah-herm...) Funny I've never noticed this before  but grouping the artists as I am into categories, hidden patterns are emerging... What I've learned the least few weeks is that many of the acts on the list from the USofA are really noisy .. From concrete, to free jazz to ambient electronica minimalist to sound collage... And tonight's a great example. In fact, since two of the TITANS of minimalist modern composing, Terry Riley and Steve Reich are on tonight's playlist, I've decided to combine two of their  more melodic and pleasant pieces together into a single, screeching atonal cacophony. BTW, I'm still 10-midnight...the change didn't happen,,,,,,,,

1. Residents ~ Kraft Cheese (1978) {Buster and Glen}
2. Pere Ubu ~ A Day Such as This (1982) {Song Of The Bailing Man}
3. Red Krayola ~ Pink Stainless Tail (1967) {The Parable Of Arable Land}
4. Negativland ~ Escape from Noise (1987) {Escape from Noise}
5. Terry Riley ~ Persian Surgery Dervishes.Pt.1 (1972) {Persian Surgery Dervishes ~ Performance Two}
6. Steve Reich ~ Four Organs (1970) {Four Organs/Phase Pattern}
7.  Musica Elettronica Viva ~ Cosmic Communion (1969) {Musica Elettronica Viva AKA: "Friday"}
8.  Orchid Spangiafora ~ Dime Operation (1979) {Flee Past's Ape Elf}

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Later Broadcast...

It appears my radio station has decided to shoot a promotional video in the main studio tonight that includes having a dog (yes, a literal dog) at the console... So my show tonight will be 12 to 2 AM and actually per kismet  starting next week , I'm going back to that slot anyway...

The Americans II

I didn't broadcast last week... sorry for no announcement. This week, back to the American artists on the list. Starting out a bit upbeat and Jazzy and QUICKLY slowing down into a minimalist concrete delirium! Drink some coffee or just give in and slam an 8 ball for this...

1. Steve Lacey (Trio) ~ Twilight (1988) {The Window}
2. Airway ~ Track 27 (1978) {Live at LACE}
3. Mars ~ The Immediate Stages Of The Erotic (1986) {78+}
4. Mama Dada 1919 ~ Two Slits, Quick (1979) {Slits, Quick}
5. Hampton Grease Band ~ Lawton (1971) {Music to Eat}
6. Le Forte Four ~ Balanced Comfort (1976) {Live at the Brand}
7. Mnemonist(s) {Orchestra} ~  Vulnerable, Than Functional (1979) {Mnemonist Orchestra}
8. Friendsound ~ The Empire Of Light² (1969) {Joyride}
9. Moolah ~ Courage (1974) {Woe Ye Demons Possessed}
10. The Mothers of Invention ~ The Chrome plated megaphone of Destiny (1967) {We're Only in it for the Money}
11. Alvin Lucier ~ Music For Piano With Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators (2001) {Still Lives}

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Americans 1


1. Chrome ~ Third from the Sun (1982) {Third from the Sun}
2. Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band ~ Mirror Man (1971) {Mirror Man}
3. Cromagnon ~ Crow Of The Black Tree (1969) {Orgasm}
4. Debris' ~ Blue Girls (1976) {Static Disposal}
5. Robert Ashley ~ The backyard (1977) {Private Parts (The Record)}
6. Decayes ~ Deur Muten (1978) {Ich Bin Ein Spiegelei}
7.  Anal Magic ~ Fly By Night (1976) {Beyond the Black Crack}
8. The Doo-Dooettes ~ The Immense Depths.. (1976) {OST to David Em's unproduced film about the Viking space probe's trip to Mars}

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