Friday, March 30, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #11

WOW, this week brings us an odd, odd group of artists. Mostly ambient pieces and sound collages with only a few bits that are actually melodious. I LOVE IT! Finishing the F's, we have the mighty guitarists Frank Zappa and Fred Frith, a side project from Paul Revere and the Raiders as well as one from Pete Shelley, and of course a couple of Krautrock acts. On a side note, there may be in the coming weeks a few missed sessions here and there, as it looks like I'm getting a job that may interfere with my regular Irregular programming. I hope to remedy this by getting a different one that I am also up for that would hopefully counter this... But if that second gig falls through, I may have to move time slots to something earlier, though I do have an alternative plan that would have me on-air on irregular nights from 2Am to 4AM... We'll see how this all fleshes out. Oh, and as stated last week, I inadvertantly skipped Family Fodder, so I'm starting this week's installment with them, out of order..... ;(

1. Family Fodder ~ Dinosaur Sex (1981) {Schizophrenia Party EP}
2. Frank Köllges ~ Brotmaschine - Vom schnapferen Teiderlein  --- R.I.P. (* 18.11.1952 Düsseldorf - † 01.01.2012 Neuss)
3. Frank Zappa ~ The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution (1979) {Sleep Dirt}
4. Franz De Byl ~ I Got Trouble (1972) {Und}
5. Fred Frith ~ The Palace of Laughter, The Technology of Tears (1988) {The Technology of Tears}
6. Free Agents ~ Untitled 1 (1980) {£3.33}
7. Friederich Gulda ~ Duo 2 Gulda/Anders (1976) {Gegenwart}
8. Friendsound ~ The Empire of Light² (1969) {Joyride}
9. Fritz Müller ~ Fritz Müller Traum (1977) {Fritz Müller Rock}

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