Friday, March 2, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #7

So it appears that what happened last week was when I input the 1st blank CD into my DVD ROM drive to burn for the show, I accidentally chose "Burn Data Disc" from the pop-up window without realizing it and the CD drives in the station's on-air studio didn't know what the hell to do with them.... So this week we press on. Finishing the C's, we have a somewhat noisy show tonight with a couple of really long pieces, pushing the 20 minute mark.

1. Come ~ Shaved Slits 2 (1980) {Rampton}
2. Companyia El├Ęctrica Dharma ~ Ones Nones (1976) {L´oucomballa}
3. Comus ~ Drip Drip (1971) {First Utterance}
4. Cornucopia ~ Spot on You, Kids (1973) {Full Horn}
5. Costin Miereanu ~ Parte Prima (seconda) (1975) {Luna Cinese}
6. Crass ~ The Swan Song (1984) {10 Notes on a Summer's Day}
7. Creative Rock ~ It's Alright (1974) {Lady Pig}
8. Cromagnon ~ Crow of the Black Tree (1969) {Orgasm}
9. Cupol ~ 3.4... (1980) {8 Time}

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