Friday, March 16, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #9

We're (my Homunculus Manitous and myself) finishing the D's AND all of the E's tonight. Only 5 E's and they're all, save a French Jazz act, Kraut groups. In fact 6 of the 10 acts featured tonight are. We also have a little avantgarde experimental noise and really that's about it per genre this time around. Kraut, Noise and a little Jazz... Although technically, Kraut is more of a movement comprised of many different genres' explored by German musicians... but that's splitting hairs. Oh, one of the albums I've drawn from was recorded in the 70's for an unproduced film about the Viking Mars Mars probe and not released until the 00's and one of the acts is of mysterious origins....... (did those two hooks pique your interest enough to draw you in?) .......Should be a fun show.

1. Dies Irae ~ Witches Meeting (1971) {First}
2. Dome ~ The Red Tent 1&2 (1980) {Dome 2}
3. Don Bradshaw Leather ~ Distance Between Us Part 2 (1972) {Distance Between Us}
4. The Doo-Dooettes ~The Immense Depths In The Sky That We Cannot Realize (1976/2001) {Think Space}
5. Dzyan ~ Back To Where We Came From (1974) {Electric Silence}
6. Eiliff ~ Uzzek Of Rigel IV (1971) {Eiliff}
7. Emtidi ~ Die Reise (1972) {Saat}
8. Eroc ~ Chaotic Reaction + Norderland (1975) Eroc Eins
9. Etron Fou Leloublan ~ Le Fleuve Et Le Manteau (1985) {En Public Aux États Unis d'Amérique}

Per time constraints (I talk too much) I'm saving Exmagma, the final group in the E's until next week.

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