Friday, March 9, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #8

This week we begin (and for all but 5 acts, end) the D's, and I've run into a chunk of groups with the most short pieces offered yet. As I've said before, I'm trying to feature tunes as close to 10 minutes each as I can and have so far been mostly successful. But another weird pattern emerged with this set and it offered me more than half the groups with no songs (that I have anyway) reaching the 10 minute mark... in fact 5 of them are about average length for "normal" radio fare. Another noisey week though with some punk, a piece of sound poetry, a couple of concrete pieces and some free jazz. The first act featured is one of only two on the entire list that has only a single recorded piece in existence. Though to be fair, the other one, Sphinx Tush has two different versions of their lone number, so Dadazuzu is definitely the lone songman, so to speak...

1. Dadazuzu and Lerryn ~ Lehrlings-Machtgebeat (1969) {Lehrlinge Zusammenhalten}
2. David Cunningham ~ Error System (EFGA) (1977) {Grey Scale}
3. Debris' ~ Static Disposal (1976) {Static Disposal}
4. Decayes ~ Ich Bin Ein Spiegelei (1978) {Ich Bin Ein Spiegelei}
5. Dedalus ~ Santiago (1973) {Dedalus}
6. Deep Freeze Mice ~ A Trillion Sprods (1984) {I Love You Little Bobo With Your Delicate Golden Lions}
7. Demetrio Stratos ~ Metrodora (1976) {Metrodora}
8. Der Plan ~ Gefaehrliche Clowns (Manische-Depressiv) (1980) {Geri Reig}
9. Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft ~ Mein Herz Macht Bum (1981) {Alles ist gut}
10. Dharma Quintet ~ End Starting (1971) {End Starting}

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