Monday, July 13, 2015

On hiatus...

...again. Be back at some time in the future. Past shows have podcasts you can download or stream. In 2012 the bulk of the shows were NWW list A-Z, making this the only place on the internet you can access examples of all of the artists. If you enjoy eclectic and inventive music, I suggest you graze these bands.

Friday, February 13, 2015

My Fav's V...

Still going strong with some of my personal preferences from the list per titles and acts, this week we (my homunculus drones and myself) focus mostly on the M's and N's (with a promised revisit to the amazing King Crimson), of which (apparently) many are on my top list... Funny as most of the acts up until now on this retrospective of my personal taste have been fairly accessible, but for some reason it seems that a good amount of the M's happen to not only be on my short list, but about half of tonight's fair per anyway is pretty inaccessible to "normal" taste, so I harken back to my 'normal' pattern of beginning upbeat and closer to "mainstream" and deteriorating into slower and more chaotic noisy stuff... Ending with the (not-too-arguably) very 1st noise band ever... from the LATE 60's... and they're from Canada... PERFECT way to end a party that's gone on for FAR too long!

1! Neu! ~ Hallogallo! (1972!) {Neu!}
2. King Crimson ~ Red (1974) {Red}
3. Mahjun ~ Glandos (1977) {Happy French Band}
4. Min Bul ~ Champagne Of Course (1970) {Min Bul}
5. Mama Béa Tekielski ~ Le Chaos (1979) {Le Chaos}
6. Moving Gelatine Plates ~ Astromonster (1972) {The World of Genius Hans}
7. Negativland ~ Christianity is Stupid (1987) {Escape from Noise}
8. Napoli Centrale ~ O Nemico Mio (1978) {Qualcosa CA Nu'mmore}
9. Mahogany Brain ~ Wrong Reincarnation (1971) {With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger)}
10. Martin Saint-Pierre ~ Ancestrales 2 (1978) {Solo Création Le Chant Du Monde}
11. Philippe Maté / Daniel Vallancien ~ Cyclothimnie (1972) {Maté/Vallancien}
12. Mars ~ 11,000 Volts (1986) {78+}
13. Michel Waisvisz ~ 4 Narrow Escapes (1978) {Crackle}
14. Nihilist Spasm Band ~ Destroy the Nations (1968) {No Record}

Friday, February 6, 2015

My fav's IV/Almost caught up...

First off, I'm almost caught up with my podcast being loaded into the blog. I think I'm about 3 or 4 shows behind which I will easily catch up this weekend. Also, I didn't do a NEW show last week, as A) The week before's had issues when I was recording it in AudioHiJackPro so I decided to record the same show again last week and B) Though I WAS planning on doing it AFTER a NEW show, but all day Friday I forgot that it WAS Friday and only remembered literally 20 minutes before I needed to be at the studio and do it, so I had no time. I'm actually (speaking of doing more than one show a night) considering doing a few extended shows in the future of 3 and even 4 hours as I've got a new job that will be NOC shift, rendering me up and awake all night anyhow, and the station enjoys having real people on-air instead of the robot crew which is what is mostly broadcasting at night in general..... MOSTLY...
...and here's some more of my fav's!

1. Ilitch ~ Radio On (1980) {10 Suicides}
2. Island ~ Zero (1977) {Pictures}
3. John Cage ~ Holdup [Rehearsal #4] (1942) {The City Wears A Slouch Hat}
4. King Crimson ~ Thela Hun Ginjeet (1981) {Discipline}
5. L. Voag ~ Living Room ~ (1979) {The Way Out (House)
6. Komintern ~ Petite Musique Pour Un Blockhaus (1971) {Le Bal Du Rat Mort}
7. Magma ~ De Futura (1976) {Üdü Wüdü}
8. Kraftwerk ~ Franz Schubert (1977) {Trans-Europe Express}
9. Lard Free ~ Choconailles (1972) {Lard Free I}
10. Le Forte Four ~ Amazing Three (instrumental) (1976) {L.A. Free Music Society Live At The Brand}
11. Düde Dürst ~ Chemical Harvest (1971) {Krokodil Solo}
12. Sylvain Marc / Del Rabenja (Jef Gilson) ~ Valiha Ni Dada (1973) {Madagascar Now - Maintenant 'Zao}
13. Jean Guerin ~ Triptik (1971) {Tacet}
14. Cluster & Eno ~ One (1977) {Cluster & Eno}
15. Karlheinz Stockhausen ~ War Song (1977) {"Am Himmel Wandre Ich..." (Indianerlieder)}