Friday, February 6, 2015

My fav's IV/Almost caught up...

First off, I'm almost caught up with my podcast being loaded into the blog. I think I'm about 3 or 4 shows behind which I will easily catch up this weekend. Also, I didn't do a NEW show last week, as A) The week before's had issues when I was recording it in AudioHiJackPro so I decided to record the same show again last week and B) Though I WAS planning on doing it AFTER a NEW show, but all day Friday I forgot that it WAS Friday and only remembered literally 20 minutes before I needed to be at the studio and do it, so I had no time. I'm actually (speaking of doing more than one show a night) considering doing a few extended shows in the future of 3 and even 4 hours as I've got a new job that will be NOC shift, rendering me up and awake all night anyhow, and the station enjoys having real people on-air instead of the robot crew which is what is mostly broadcasting at night in general..... MOSTLY...
...and here's some more of my fav's!

1. Ilitch ~ Radio On (1980) {10 Suicides}
2. Island ~ Zero (1977) {Pictures}
3. John Cage ~ Holdup [Rehearsal #4] (1942) {The City Wears A Slouch Hat}
4. King Crimson ~ Thela Hun Ginjeet (1981) {Discipline}
5. L. Voag ~ Living Room ~ (1979) {The Way Out (House)
6. Komintern ~ Petite Musique Pour Un Blockhaus (1971) {Le Bal Du Rat Mort}
7. Magma ~ De Futura (1976) {Üdü Wüdü}
8. Kraftwerk ~ Franz Schubert (1977) {Trans-Europe Express}
9. Lard Free ~ Choconailles (1972) {Lard Free I}
10. Le Forte Four ~ Amazing Three (instrumental) (1976) {L.A. Free Music Society Live At The Brand}
11. Düde Dürst ~ Chemical Harvest (1971) {Krokodil Solo}
12. Sylvain Marc / Del Rabenja (Jef Gilson) ~ Valiha Ni Dada (1973) {Madagascar Now - Maintenant 'Zao}
13. Jean Guerin ~ Triptik (1971) {Tacet}
14. Cluster & Eno ~ One (1977) {Cluster & Eno}
15. Karlheinz Stockhausen ~ War Song (1977) {"Am Himmel Wandre Ich..." (Indianerlieder)}

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