Friday, November 7, 2014

Short to Long...

A couple weeks ago I promised to devote a show to as many acts as I could and seeing how actually well over a hundred of the pieces I have collected are under a minute, this should be easy. ...but hella time consuming so I've put it off. This week though KIIIIIiiinda in that theme, I had WinAmp male me another random list and the 1st 1:45 worth of the songs ranged in length from about a minute to about a half an hour. I thought it would be interesting to arrange them from shortest to longest... LET'S SEE IF IT STICKS TO THE FUCKING WALL NOW!!!!!

1. Amon Düül II ~ Overture Part II (1975) {Made in Germany}
2. Blue Effect ~ Jdu Domu (2004) {Beatová Síň Slávy}
3. A.R. & Machines ~ A Book's Blues (1971) {Die Grüne Reise}
4. Residents ~ Jambalaya (1997) {Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses}
5. Hydravion ~ Santander (1979) {Stratos Airlines}
6. Magical Power Mako ~ Andromeda (195) {Super Record}
7. Xhol Caravan ~ First Day (1972) {Mother Fuckers GMBH}
8. Steve lacy Trio ~ The Gleam (1988) {The Window}
9. Ray Russell ~ Abyss (1971) {Rites and Rituals}
10. Wolfgang Dauner's Et Cetera ~ Raga (1971) {Lady blue}
11. Mama Béa Tekielski ~ La Mort-Musik (1977) {La Folle}
12. Ragnar Grippe ~ Sand 2 (1977) {Sand}

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