Friday, November 21, 2014

Focus on long 1

As the title of this post implies, I've decided to devote a few shows to some of the longer pieces performed by some of the list's artists. I'm still planning on throwing in one crammed with as many acts as I can fit into my 2 hour show, seeing as I have in my library well over 100 songs clocking in under a minute, perhaps even more clock in at over 1/2 an hour. I try and put some 15, 20 minute bits in each week and occasionally sneak in a 30, but I don't get a chance to play many and some of the acts ONLY have songs that long or longer, so they don't get much attention at all on this podcast. Many of the latter also focus mainly on experimental/concrete/inaccessible stuff so in the coming weeks there will be shows devoted mainly to that, not unlike what I did on Halloween (which will this weekend along with the other casts not on the blog, be put there)...

1. Magma ~ Köhntarkösz version 2 (1974) {Köhntarkösz}
2. Frank Zappa ~ Billy the Mountain (1972) {Just another band from LA}
3. Catherine Ribeiro & le Alpes (1972) {Paix}
4. Pôle ~ Inside The Dream (1975) {Inside The Dream}

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