Friday, June 20, 2014


Starting out a bit on the Anarcho-punk side tonight with Crass and Poison girls from the UK. I've decided to switch up my opening tune after all with this new incarnation of the show by using Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier's Psyché Rock, the song that decades later inspired the theme to Matt G's, "Futurama" series. Figure an opening theme actually from an artist on the list rather than from Robert Altman's masterpiece, Nashville would be more appropriate. Also trying out a new closing other than Imelda May's, I'm Alive, though not from the list. Trying on another tune from Nashville in that slot with Henry Gibson of Laugh-In fame's, Keep-a-Goin'. I've decided to start out the shows at this point with up-beat numbers, slowing down into the second hour, perhaps lulling the unwary to sleep and then tossing out ambient Concrete and the like in the final portion of the show to then induce nightmares...

1. Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier ~ Psyché Rock (1967) {Les Yper Sound (EP)}
2. Crass ~ Don't Get Caught (1984) {Best Before 1984}
3. Poison Girls ~ Pretty Polly (1980) {Chappaquiddick Bridge}
4. Art Zoyd ~ Mariée Á La Nuit (1990) {Art Zoyd - J. A. Deane - Jeff Greinke}
5. Deep Freeze Mice ~ Minstrel Radio Yoghurt (1986) {Rain is When the Earth is Television}
6. Debris' ~ Tell Me (1976) {Debris'}
7. Ron 'Pate's Debonaires ~ Volaré (1975) {Raundelunas 'Pataphysical Revue}
8. Mama Béa Tekielski ~ The Voisin (1979) {Le Chaos}
9. Grobschnitt ~ Skip ID @ 43 min (1978/2003) {The History of Solar Music 4}
10. Ghedalia Tazartes ~ Transports 01 (1977/1997) {Tazartès' Transports}
11. Yahowha 13 (Fire, Water, Air)~ Across The Prairie (1977) {God And Hair CD 10 - Golden Sunrise}
12. Franco Battiato ~ Sequenze e Frequenze (1973) {Sulle Corde Di Aries}
13. Igor Wakhevitch ~ Taddy's Fruit Garden (1979) {Let's Start}
14. Lemon Kittens ~ Wrist Job/Once Green And Pleasant Land (1980) {We Buy A Hammer For Daddy}
15. Peter Brötzmann, Fred van Hove, Han Bennink ~ Nr. 6 (1973) {Brötzmann/Van Hove/Bennink}
16. Iannis Xenakis ~ Kottos, for Solo 'Cello (1977/1990) {Chamber Music 1955-1990, CD 1}
17. Roger Doyle ~ Part 1 (2007) {The Ninth Set}
18. This Heat ~ Diet of Worms (1979) {This Heat}
19. Banten ~ Kandring (1972) {Banten}

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