Thursday, June 12, 2014

Back on tonight....

Of course my new show's timeslot affords me the return as the 1st show of the day on a Friday the 13th... After over a year's hiatus, I'm back on the air and starting off strong. Not doing any themes yet... just taking all 10K songs from NWW List artists I have, putting them in a random order and accepting the 1st reasonably, decent, non-repetitive per artist list, arranged from fast and upbeat to slow and weird, less accessible stuff... In other words: Concrete... lol! I decided to keep the same opening and closing songs as well as I just really enjoy how they work with everything. Kismet offered me Zappa and Beefheart to open with..!

1. Captain Beefheart ~ Bat Chain Puller (1976/2012) {Bat Chain Puller}
2. Frank Zappa ~ The Jazz Discharge Party Hats (1983) {The  Man from Utopia}
3. King Crimson ~ ProzaKc Blues (2000) {The ConstruKction Of Light}
4. Walter Franco ~ O Dia do Criador (1979) {Vela Aberta}
5. Franco Battiato ~ Nomadas (1987) {Nomadas}
6. Ash Ra Temple ~ Ivresse de lune (1996) {The Private Tapes Vol. 5}
7. Can ~ Bel Air (1973) {Future Days}
8. Amon Düül II ~ Dry Your Ears (1996) {Live in Tokyo}
9. Yoko Ono ~ Toilet Face/Unknown (1973) {Fly}
10. Chrome ~ Isolation (1980) {Red Exposure}
11. Bernard Lubat & His Mad Ducks ~ To Yasmina (1973) {Music Parade Cetra}
12. Soft Machine ~ Penny Hitch (1973) {Seven}
13. Steve Reich ~ Electric Counterpoint - Slow (1976) {Phases}
14. Residents ~ I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (1999) {Potatoes: A Collection of Folk}
15. Henry Cow ~ Rapt in a Blanket (2009) {The 40th Anniversary Box Set Volume 1: Beginnings}
16. Anton Bruhin & Stephan Wittwer ~ Nebelhorn (1974) {Neun Improvisierte Stücke}
17. Malfatti and Wittwer ~ A2. Berlin: a. Vor der Trennerille/b. Nach der Trennerille (1976) {Thumblin'}
18. Pierre Henry ~ Sommeil (1968) {Variation Pour une Porte et un Soupir}
19. Ovary Lodge ~ Mountain Temple in Spring Part 2 (1973) {Ovary Lodge}

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