Saturday, July 21, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #22

I'm cramming ALL of the N's into the show tonight along with the final M that I didn't have time for last week... I will not cut if I go over like I usually do, I'll just have a long show if I must. I was short 20 minutes a few weeks back so this can make up for it. As well, this is probably the least accessible play-list I've had in this A-Z excursion yet. Out of 11 pieces, all are rock (Kraut and other  Prog) or Jass except for 3 noise pieces later on... including the supposed world's first noise band: The Nihilist Spasm band, formed in the 60's and from North Canadia... ENJOY!

1. Mythos ~ Encyclopedia Terra Part 1 (1971) {Mythos}
2. Napoli Centrale ~ Vecchie, Mugliere, Muorte E Criaturi (1975) {Napoli Centrale}
3. Negativland ~ We Are Driven (1993) {Free}
4. Neu! ~ Negativland (1972) {Neu!}
5. New Phonic Art ~ Begegnung in Baden-Baden Version II (1971) {New Phonic Art}
6. Nico ~ Heros (2003) {Femme Fetale}
7. Night Sun ~ Got a Bone of My Own (1972) {Mournin'}
8. Nihilist Spasm Band ~ Indecision Of The Night (2006) {No Nihilist Spasm Band In Mulhouse}
9. Nine Day's Wonder ~ Fermillon (1970) {Nine Day's Wonder}
10. Nosferatu ~ No. 4 (1970) {Nosferatu}

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