Saturday, July 28, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #23

With installment lucky #23... It's another really inaccessible playlist this week... Lots of Concrete, Improv, Free Jazz and a little Prog/Psych weirdness. And as long as I don't talk too much as I always do, we (my homonculous flying cat-monkeys and myself) JUST... Might>>> be able to complete all of the O's and the final N as I tried to complete all of the N's and the final M last week........ (don'tcountonit)

1. Nu Creative Methods ~ Orphean Veranda (1981) {Le Marchand De Calicot}
2. Oktober ~ Mainspring (1976) {Uhrsprung}
3. Operating Theatre (Roger Doyle) ~ Fin-Estra (1981) {Rapid Eye Movements}
4. Operation Rhino ~ Face B1 - Improvisation 1. Suite (1976) {FĂȘte De Politique Hebdo Lyon 76}
5. Opus Avantra ~ R.E.M. (1989) {Strata}
6. Orchid Spangiafora ~ Dime Operation (1979) {Flee Past's Ape Elf}
7. Osamu Kitajima ~ Whoma ~ Immortality (1974) {Benzaiten}
8. Out of Focus ~ World's End (1970) {Wake Up!}
9. Ovary Lodge ~ Sylphs in Pisces (1973) {Ovary Lodge}

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