Friday, January 20, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #2

OK then, week #2 of the NWW List A-Z on The Irregular Show is now here bringing with it the second of three installations featuring the many artists beginning with the letter, "A"; at least the way I'm counting it... As I've said, I'm grouping the solo acts by the first letter of their first name, rather than last, as that's how I have them arranged on my computer's hard drive.
I'd like to thank and give a big shout-out to DJ Jim from Radio Mu Mu found on Chirp Radio out of the windy city who inspired me to actually start a blog and podcast for this show. His playlists are eclectic and ALL over the genre map and he can be found right here on the BlogSpot network at Radio Mu Mu every other Saturday, so please go support independent radio podcasts EVEN MORE by adding him to your listening roster as well.

1. Ame Son ~ Coeur Fou/La Globule/Le Mai Sonne (1970) {Catalyse}
2. AMM ~  In The Realm of Nothing Whatever (1966) {AMMmusic 1966}
3. Amon Düül ~ Drum Things (1972) {Disaster}
4. Amon Düül II ~  Hawknose Harlequin (1972) {Carnival in Babylon}
5. Anal Magic and Reverend Dwight Frizzell ~ Black Crack and the Sole Survivors - (1976) {Beyond the Black Crack}
6. Anima (Sound) ~ Show Mää Show (1971) {Stürmischer Himmel}
7. Annexus Quam ~ Osmose III (1970) {Osmose}
8. Anthony Moore ~ Mu na H-uile ni a Shaoileas (1971) {Pieces From The Cloadland Ballroom)
9. Anton Bruhin ~ Versuchpilz 6 (1978) {Rotomotor}
10. Aqsak Maboul ~ Mastoul Alakefak (1981) {Onze Danses Pour Combattre la Migraine}

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