Friday, January 27, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #3

It appears we've hit a milestone here at The Irregular Show's NWW List A-Z Blog and Podcast, my homunculus gnomes and myself, Dr. Nothing... This show marks the point where we pass the "A's"... Yes, a list of 29X bands can get pretty bulky, so 3 weeks of A acts are to be expected though. *winces at bad pun* ANY-way, this setlist is really going to be fun, as many of the bands in the latter third of the first letter are some of my favorites on the list... thus assuredly pretty weird. Arbete och Fritid and Archimedes Badkar, both rock bands from Sweden, Henry Cow spin-off, Art Bears with Fred Frith, and of course the seminal Kosmische Musik groups Ashra and Ash Ra Tempel are high points for me, but assuredly all of the NWW List "A" artists are amazing in their own rights... as are the rest of the alphabet's offerings here-in. ENJOY! week, the beginning of the b's... ;)

1. Arbete och Fritid ~ Kalvdans (1979) {HĂ„ll Andan}
2. Arcane V ~ Marron Dingue (1979) {Marron Dingue}
3. Archaia ~ L'arche des Mutations (1977) {Archaia}
4. Archimedes Badkar ~ Efter Regnet + Vattenfall (1976) {Archimedes Badkar II}
5. Area ~ MIRage? Mirage! (1974) {Caution Radiation Area}
6. Art Bears ~ In Two Minds (1978) {Hopes and Fears}
7. Art Zoyd ~ La Nuit (1982) {Phase V}
8. Arzachel (Uriel) ~ Clean Innocent Fun (1969) {Arzachel}
9. Ashra ~ Hausaufgabe (2002) {Life in Japan}
10. Ash Ra Tempel ~ Interplay of Forces (1973) {Starring Rosi}
X11. Association P.C. ~ Frau Theunissen's Kegel (1972) {Erna Morena}X

(During the show, I decided to not go over and keep Association P.C. until next week, opening the B's with the last A)

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