Friday, October 24, 2014

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Last week I promised on the show that this week I'd cram as many acts into a single two hour program that I could. Which ended up being more time consuming a prospect than I had bargained for as there are literally hundreds of songs from artists off the list in my collection that are under a single minute. Compiling and blogging that set list would have taken more time than I had set aside this week to do so. In turn, I just threw together another "random" (per WinAmp and my editing) list that begins up eat and slows down to degenerate nonsense... NEXT week though is Halloween and as many of the acts have songs WELL in excess of 30 minutes (some an entire hour) I plan to mix multiple lengthy ambient, concrete and vocal tracks together... maybe throwing in some irdials and creepy turn-of-the 20th century stuff to create a spooky soundscape... for AT LEAST three hours if not more.

1. Basil Kirchin ~ Lunch Hour Pops (1974) {Abstractions Of The Industrial North}
2. Glaxo babies ~ Maximum Sexual Joy (1980) {Nine Months To The Disco}
3. Can ~ November (1978) {Out of Reach}
4. A.R. & Machines ~ As If I Have Seen All This Before (1971) {Die Grüne Reise}
5. Uli Trepte ~ Cyclologie (1996) {Real Time Music}
6. Decayes ~ Coffee (1980) {Not Yet!}
7. Residents ~ Walter Westinghouse (1977) {Fingerprince}
8. Moolah ~ The Hard Hit (1974) {Woe Ye Demons Possessed}
9. Second Hand ~ Mainliner (1968) {Reality}
10. Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band ~ I'm Glad (1966 Demo) {Grow Fins}
11. Robert Wyatt ~ Alifib (1987) {The Peel Sessions}
12. Exmagma ~ Tonjes Dream Interruption (1973) {Exmagma}
13. B. C. Gilbert & G. Lewis ~ Hung Up To Dry Whilst Building An Arch (1988) {8 Time}
14. This Heat ~ Hi Baku Shyo (1981) {Deceit}
15. Raymond Boni ~ Thème Imaginaire (1976) {Rêve en Couleurs}
16. Alvin Lucier ~ Bar Lazy J (2005) {Wind Shadows}
17. Jean Guerin ~ BM 37 ( 1971) {Tacet}
18. Franco Battiato ~ Le Stimmate (2011) {Telesio (Opera in due atti più un epilogo)}
19. Tamia ~ Gun Powder (1978) {Senza Tempo}
20. Whitehouse ~ Dyad (2007) {Racket}

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