Friday, August 22, 2014

Women II

Holy CRAP I'm behind! I  missed a show two weeks ago and the last two times I was in the studio, I forgot to bring my thumb drive so I could take the show home to post on my podcast... I PROMISE that I'll bring the last 3 home tonight and post them by Sunday night. I am involved in a production of a Star Trek TNG episode adaptation (DejaQ) with a local sci-fi theater company and need to make final edits all the sound effects by tomorrow so I won';t have time to post the shows before then... Probably tomorrow night but DEFINITELY by Sunday... So as the title of this post reads, this is the SECOND all WOMEN show I'm doing from the list and it's pretty comprehensive, though I might have missed one or two groups with female vocalists on a song here and there, though I have included such as Lemon Kittens with a Danielle Dax vocal and The Inner Space, the proto-Can group Jaki Liebezeit was in that has a couple tunes with Rosey Rosey (or Rosemarie Heinikel as she was born). Get set to hear two hours worth of GORGEOUS female throat oscillations!!

1. The Flying Lizards ~ Money (Rare original extended album mix) (1979) {The Flying Lizards}
2. Nico ~ Sixty Forty [Outtake] (2003) {Femme Fatale: The Aura Anthology Disc 1}
3. Slapp Happy & Henry Cow ~ Bad Alchemy (1974) {Desperate Straights}
4. Family Fodder ~ No Man's Land (1979) {Sunday Girls (A Tribute To Blondie By Family Fodder And Friends)}
5. Mother Gong ~ We Women (1989) {Wild Child}
6. Lemon Kittens ~ Evidence (1980) {We Buy a Hammer for Daddy}
7. Residents ~ Burn Baby Burn (1998) {Wormwood}
8. Crass ~ Poison in a Pretty Pill (1981) {Penis Envy}
9. Poison Girls ~ Pretty Polly (1980) {Chappaquiddick Bridge}
10. Snatch ~ Shopping for Clothes (1983) {Snatch}
11. Brainticket ~ Brainticket Part One (1971) {Cottonwood Hill}
12. Alternative TV ~ Alternative TG (1998) {Punk Life}
13. Deep Freeze Mice ~ Zoology (1984) {I Love You Little BoBo With Your Delicate Golden Lions}
14. Mama Béa Tekielski ~ Les Autres (1979) {Le Chaos}
15. The Inner Space ~ Kamera Song (1969) {Single}
16. Magical Power Mako ~ Pink Bitch (Lalala) (1975) {Super Record}
17. Colette Magny ~  Prends Moi, Me Prends Pas (1971) {Feu et Rythme}
18. Linda Sharrock (accompanying Joe Bonner) ~ Celebration (1976) {Angel Eyes}
19. Yoko Ono ~ Toilet Piece (1971) {Fly}
20. Sally Smmit (& her musicians) ~ Part 1 (1980) {Hangahar}
21. LaDonna Smith and Davey WIlliams ~ The Voice And The Engine Of Survival (1993) {Transmutating}

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