Saturday, December 8, 2012

French Weirdness #1

As I was putting together tonight's theme of odd tracks from the Blue, White and Red, I realized that there is about as many French artists on the list as German (50-ish) and many of them are too good to pass up..., so... I've decided to break the French up into multiple iterations... two or three... and this week reveals the 1st. A lot of diversity in the list tonight. Jazzy, proggy, concrete, a good amount of shouting in French (of course) and I've included several tunes with a sub-theme of acts involving Philippe Besombes...

1. Ame Son ~ Hein, Quant A Toi/Comme Est Morte l'Evocation/Hommage (1970) {Catalyse}
2. Archaia ~ Soliel Noir (1977) {Archaia}
3. Art Zoid ~ Mariée Á La Nuit (1990) {Art Zoyd/J. A. Deane/J. Greinke}
4. Jac Berrocal ~ Police in my Bed (1993) {Fatal Encounters}
5. Arcane V ~ Marron Dingue (1978) {Marron Dingue}
6. Besombes-Rizet ~ Lundi Matin (1975) {Pôle}
7. Pôle ~ In The Maelstrom (1975) {Inside The Dream}
8. Philippe Besombes ~ Geant (1979) {Cesi Est Cela}
9. Hydravion ~ Ligne Equateur (1979) {Stratos Airlines}
10. Birge, Gorge, Shiroc ~ Pourrait Etre Brutal (1975) {Defense De}
11. Raymond Boni ~ Thème Imaginaire (1976) {Rêve en Couleurs}
12. Theatre du Chene Noir ~  La Vieillesse et la Mort (1971) {Aurora}
13. Jean Cohen-Solal ~ Ab Hoc Et (1971) {Captain Tarthopom}
14. Dharma Quintet ~ Tonton S.F.P. (1971) {End Starting}
15. Philippe Doray ~ Dans Le Dedale (1980) {Nouveaux Modes Industriels}
16. Jean Dubuffet ~ L'eau (1961) {Expériences Musicales}
17. Etron Fou Leloublan ~ Christine (1985) {En Public Aux États Unis d'Amérique}

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