Saturday, October 20, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #33

Noisy noisy NOI-sy assed show this time around... All long tunes again as well except for one and less melody than concrete and distortion, though many of the tunes are low key and sluggish. Tucked into the middle of it all is one of my favs from the 60's the Velvet's classic tune about a drag queen dressed as a nun at an orgy......
1. Univers Zero ~ La Faulx (1979) Heresie
2. Uli Trepte (Spacebox Project) ~ Tapetalk (1981) {Spacebox}
3. Velvet Underground ~ Sister Ray (1968) {White Light/White Heat}
4. Verto ~ Strato (Volubilis) (1976) {Krig Volubilis}
5. Walter Franco ~ Mixturação (1973) {Ou Não}
6. Whitehouse ~ Live Action 4 (complete) (1982) {Psychopathia Sexualis}

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