Saturday, September 8, 2012

I hate to say it, but... show again this week. Though this should be the last for a while... I almost had to work to cover the boss going camping but he didn't go. What DID happen though was my car needed all but $50 of this paycheck in repairs and I'm out of blank CD's, and as I record the show ahead of time from MP3's on my computer (odds on one disc and evens on the other so I DO still mix it live in the studio, though only with two discs), I literally couldn't afford a new spindle of them, as I have $75 to last two weeks. I can't even re-up my phone minutes either until then, so I have to drive to the studio to let the DJ before me know I won't be in and to kick the automation we use to cover the late night slots on early... *sad day in Mudville*

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