Saturday, August 18, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #26

I'm really looking forward to the show tonight. After several weeks of really out there inaccessible stuff, the NWW A-Z bogeyman has bestowed upon us a set list of tunes that most of which are upbeat and can be enjoyed by a wider slice of musical palettes. As well, I'm correcting a mistake I realized I made a few weeks ago... On the list, Frank Zappa is listed as a separate act (I assume regarding his solo works) than the Mothers, so as I have them both in the same folder on my HD (under "Frank Zappa"), I played HIM solo in the F's but missed adding THEM to the M list from back in July... So I'm beginning the show with the out of order, Brown Shoes Don't Make It off of Absolutely Free. Maybe this will help me hit the Top 40!

***HOLY ZOD: THAT WAS STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***
1. Mothers of Invention ~ Brown Shoes Don't Make It (1967) {Absolutely Free}
2. Red Noise ~ Sarcelles C'est L'avenir (1970) {Sarcelles-Locheres}
3. Reform Art Unit ~ Impressions Part 2 (1978) {Impressions Three Motions}
4. Residents ~ Making of a Soul (1974) {Not Available}
5. Ritual-All-7-70 ~ 775 (1967) {Ritual-All-7-70}
6. Robert Ashley ~ Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon (1980) {Automatic Writing}
7. Robert Wyatt ~ Sea Song (1974) {Peel Sessions}
8. Rockys Filj ~ L'ultima Spiaggia (1973) {Storie Di Uomini E Non}
9. Roger Doyle ~ Oizzo No (1975) {Oizzo No}

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