Saturday, June 23, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #20

Not much in the form of accessible music this week, so if your palette is sensitive, you might want to have someone strap you to a gurney and inject you with PCP before listening so you can comfortably lose your mind. Experimental, Free Jazz,  Concrete, people droning in foreign tongues... sometimes without even musical accompaniment... This set is NOT for the feint of heart... FUNSTUFF!

1. Martin Davorin Jagodic ~ Lato A(B) (1975) {Tempo Furioso}
2. Martin Saint-Pierre ~ Ancestrales 2 (1978) {Solo Création Le Chant Du Monde}
3. Maschine No. 9 ~ Maschine No. 9 part 2 (1974) {Headmovie)
4. Maté & Vallancien ~ Cambodge 70 (1972) {Cambodge 70}
5. Michael Mantler ~ Nineteen (1982) {Something There}
6. Michel Portal ~ Our Meanings and Our Feelings (1969) {Our Meanings and Our Feelings}
7. Michel Waisvisz ~ A. De Brug Gaat Open b. Berliner neustadlament c. Stradivarius (1978) {Crackle)

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