Sunday, February 19, 2012

NWW List A-Z Installment #6

Still in the C's, this week we have only one Kraut group which is quite rare as over 1 of 6 bands on the list fit that bill. Also one of my favorite American groups on the list, a solo effort by the lead of one of my all-time favorite groups, Magma, two Jazz ensembles, a Czech rock group, two AMAZING female French singers and tunes from 3 albums who's cover art coincidentally feature scrawled images of African animals. Next week we finish the C's!

1. Catherine Ribiero and Alpes ~ Le Silence de la Mort (1977) {Le Temps de L'autre
2. Chamberpot ~ Hits (1976) {Chamberpot}
3. Checkpoint Charlie ~ Die Geschichte von Fritzle (1978) {Frühling der Krüppel}
4. Chillum ~ Yes! We Have No Pajamas (1971) {Chillum}
5. Christian Vander ~ Joie (1973) {Vander er les Trois Jef}
6. Chrome ~ Armageddon (1980) {3rd from the Sun}
7. Claudio Rossio and Paolo Tofani ~ Jiv Jago (1980) {Un Gusto Superiore}
8. Cohelmec Ensemble ~ Adventures Terrestres Aquatiques (1971) {Hippotigris Zebra Zebra}
9. Colette Magny ~ Ras La Trompe: Le Pachyderme, Blues Ras La Trompe, Radio Cornac, Les Militants, Final (1975) {Transit}
10. Collegium Musicum ~ Burleska (1973) {Live}

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